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    From a Trio to a 5 piece

    cj, the bars I play will be dead, no worries, I like the idea of a Flatbed ala Stones. I hate/love gigs as we all do- then- I like wearing sharkskins and posing-telling jokes+BLEEDING..... then loading-meeting wife at 3:25-HYPED...thank PAN I failed-if I had "luck" in '91? I'd be dead-R+R done...
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    From a Trio to a 5 piece

    To be able to have TWO Pat Smears! Talk about silly.....but ALAS-sounds as good as a trio-NOTHING tops a trio-so pure-I like comedy aspect-maybe have a toaster oven onstage---Chris make some bagels- I REALLY like the mayhem aspect-this was a PARTY band before two added derelicts. Vin +Chris will...
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    2020 baseball

    Dick Allen's # being retired---GOOD NEWS FOR A CHANGE!
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    From a Trio to a 5 piece

    Moon has turned PURPLE. Last year my "Son" started coming to FEZZ practice, "DAD, I want in." I let him join-seemed? Do I need a stunt guitarist? I'm a HUGE player- After 6 months we gelled. Now- my "protege'"- Vince Deamon needs a "gig"=ANY GIG-his drummer is injured- MUST play or sink...
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    Ever trade beer for gear?

    I traded 5 cases and ALL the weed you can smoke in 3 hours for analog recordings//engineering.EVRYBODY was PICKLED-----music turned out A+!
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    All 50 States, Ranked Best to Worst for Economic Recovery

    I'm doing my part-just "hired" a SECOND STUNT GUITARIST!
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    Poor, Poor Kamala

    Great photo.
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    Popular "knuckle-busters"..

    WAY back in 2003 Mrs. FEZZ wanted oyster stuffing for our FEZZgiving turkey, I warned her-There will be blood- Well, I eschewed the oyster mitt-why? I like bleeding. I started "shucking" three minutes later blood EVERYWHERE! Mrs. FEZZ turned grey and pulled me away. My index finger blew up to...
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    Does anyone really GAFF if College Football doesn't happen? How about the NFL?

    No, ART+POETRY books to read, my music and ART to create-spectate???
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    jokes & funnies.

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    Sturgis. this a good idea ?

    BJ? Ohh livin on a!
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    Sturgis. this a good idea ?

    N, some bikers are? I worked in a sweatshop-BAD BIKERS were singing Bon Jovi? I was the TRUE DEVIL listening to Slayer-clothes don't make the man.
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    Sturgis. this a good idea ?

    S, I drove by CHEZ ODDETTE----more like a Savitch---NO WAY -I would've dove for her, she had 38 DOUBLE D's. Jessica Savitch, 35, an award-winning newswoman with the NBC network since 1977, drowned early yesterday after the car she was riding in plunged into the Delaware Canal in New Hope...
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    fwiw, the best live music recordings

    I agree on Cowboy junkies+ Buckley+ Who. Some of mine BOC -Some Enchanted Foghat-Live Skyn-One More Kinks-One More Stones -Ya Ya Zep-Destroyer Bootleg Aerosmith- Live Bootleg ABB- Live Filmore Jimi-Monterey......
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    Sturgis. this a good idea ?

    S,Fran's Pub - 1986- I was 20 w/ HOT 28 blonde Divorcee-we were on LSD Halloween night. We got loaded on booze also-then- a Vampire offered to get us high. I saw his soul-REAL VAMPIRE----I declined and drove home with my lovely gal as the road bent like batwings. RIVER ROAD 2 am on LSD+SLOSHED...

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