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    Has the size of the 50's neck been grossly exaggerated?

    "are apes" = R8s, "our knives" = R9s? I personally prefer "oar rows"! :D
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    Has the size of the 50's neck been grossly exaggerated?

    It would also be cool to hear an expert in hand mechanics and guitar technique discuss neck size and profile. If one's hand length is more palm vs fingers, I suppose that could make a difference in whether big shoulders are an impediment or not.
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    Has the size of the 50's neck been grossly exaggerated?

    Discussing neck "feel" would be more useful if posters indicated their hand size, especially with measurements, perhaps of span from thumb tip to pinkie tip (mine 8 3/4" or 22 cm), and length from wrist bend to middle finger tip (7 1/2" or 19 cm). I assume my hands are a little below the median...
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    What Is The 1959 Les Paul Sound?

    Gents, would you say that amp is a Tweed style? I can't ID it, but that compressed sound is what I associate with Tweed. Guitar + amp = tone, right? Thanks.
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    Recovering old acrylic lacquer...can it be done?

    I would guess there’s a likelihood of lumps or fragments of paint in the liquid. I wonder if you could strain it. Good luck. And what color is SEM?
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    Pedal Trade!

    Fulltone FD2MOS Fulldrive 2 Mosfet Overdrive Effect Pedal almost unused and in excellent condition with box. I know little about all the pedals out there but would consider a good reverb or tremolo, or quality normal size OD, or maybe something weird. TRADED! For a Pigtronix Fat Drive.
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    Is there a fix or remedy for grooves in a '50s wraparound?

    I am not an expert, but I have cured sitar sounds at the nut by carefully rounding the bottom of a string's groove, being careful not to make the groove deeper. I'm guessing you could do the same with a groove at the bridge end. I'll watch for comments from the real experts. Good luck!
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    R6 Refurb project

    The potential here is exciting. Are you doing anything to the fingerboard? It looks a bit washed out in the outdoor pic.
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    1973 Fender Vibrolux Reverb (a few weeks old NAD)

    A link to a pic of my "restored" 1971 Vibrolux Reverb. The electronics was just a "normal servicing," said my amp guru. I went at the tolex with Simple Green and a toothbrush (and a few other methods). It's far from cosmetically perfect, the grille board is warped, etc., but the sound is...
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    1973 Fender Vibrolux Reverb (a few weeks old NAD)

    1971 Vibrolux here. I got it last winter by taking some old computer screens to Washington DC's "e-cycling" center. Someone else had just dropped off an old Fender amp--filthy dirty--and the workers were about to load it onto a pallet of computers. I didn't know what amp it was, but I followed...
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    What makes one LP feel stiffer than another?

    If the nut slots are not cut to the proper depth, the strings will be difficult to depress in the cowboy-chord area only.
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    Conversion Candidate

    A beautiful and striking color that I've never seen in combination with the trap tailpiece.
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    Got the Family Together for a Photo

    A very tasteful, harmonious-looking collection. No frills. Covers a lot of bases tonally, too.
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    What's a good investment LP?

    Interesting to read everyone's perspectives and hear a couple of war stories. I also feel the urge to invest in guitars--seems to be a way to justify having more of these instruments I am passionate about, and spending (way) more than their intrinsic value. I have just one guitar that I am...
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    The Les Paul in Your Avatar?

    I tend to take in strays, like this 2001 Junior I bought online from a teenager who had a rock band and who dropped it a time or two. Had no pg, bent tuners, buzzy electronics, "pirate" knobs, all of which I replaced. Then there was the chip, which I left alone. I call this "Chip."

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