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    Clocks-Classic or Kitsch

    He's on a green wall too, psychedelic style. They used to have a confirgurator to build custom cats. I think you have to buy them whole now and switch parts for really crazy stuff. The classic black with red and diamond jewels one will be my next. Music room felt like a casino, now I can tell...
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    Clocks-Classic or Kitsch

    I have a Kit-Cat in my music room, purple with an orange bowtie. It's a visual metronome.
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    Question about the Les Paul CS 2018 Historic Reissue

    The second one in the original post will retain value better. At least have them test for necks for stiffness if you want the better of the two. My '01 Classic has hairline cracks on the fret edge binding. They can't be felt in normal play and the guitar is still fantastic. Like was said...
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    Question about the Les Paul CS 2018 Historic Reissue

    The 2nd one is better, but...... what do you want it to sound like? What qualities are most important that it has? Sustain, bite, warmth, sweetness, growl Let them know what you're after and let them send the one that matches it.
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    Best place Online to buy a "GOOD" Gibson Custom Shop?

    Drive down to Nashville if CME doesn't provide the service you like. Rumble Seat, Carters, Gruhn, etc. etc... That's a guitar town! Dozens of amazing CS Les Paul's to be found. Those guys can just drive down the street and spec custom runs with hand picked tops.
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    Best place Online to buy a "GOOD" Gibson Custom Shop?

    I know it's covid land and all right now, but there's no way you'll find "the one" while internet shopping. You'll only get "pretty good" and that's if they have a good return policy. You can pick the top, weight, and sort of the neck, but you'll never know what's actually out there until you...
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    Shopping for my first Gibson Les Paul

    A '19 would need more playing time than that to need a re-crown with a spotless guitar. Chibson?
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    It's Friday... You know what that means.

    Ya'll need to crack a cold one or six and listen to some rock.
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    BadMojo Makeovers no contact

    That's an 81-84 Cutlass. Where he buys parts, the plate#, and where he regularly parks it are out there for anyone to see.
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    Should I buy it?

    There needs to be way better pics of the pickups!
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    BadMojo Makeovers no contact

    One thing about cars like that, unless properly insured, they total out for probably less than $2k. I hope he crashes the thing. Wonder where all the $ for the new 408 and necessary new transmission and rear end to put down that much power came from?
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    BadMojo Makeovers no contact

    I can still see it from a earlier window. Can anyone else get it open? Edit: it's still there he just blocked you.
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    Does your guitar have a name?

    Easy! Depends on if the guitar will make the "Women tone" or not.
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    What do you think about this top?

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    Classic vs Standard: what would I be missing out on?

    I'd forgot the Classic is push/pull now. What kind of music are you going to be playing? The 61's in the Classic will make better metal tones in my opinion, and the ones I've heard are good enough leave in the guitar. The A2 mag'd burstbuckers will be more vintage sounding. They are both good...

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