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    Fun Fact for the Day

    This is from the playbook for those that wish to be perpetually offended? Sounds pretty good though..... I'm switching sides.
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    Fun Fact for the Day

    Yep the street goes both ways and always has, if you think women don't talk about men the same way you're delusional. Someone has to be a buzzkill though, right? Thanks for dumping on the thread I guess
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    Les Paul R8 vs PRS DGT: can't decide

    Neither, they both sound bad
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    Fun Fact for the Day

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    What was the reason Gibson had R9 as the first two digits in some LPs?

    Perfectly said! '15 was the biggest brainfart year ol' Henry J. ever had.
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Yes The good stuff is in large pretty heavily engraved and has ivory grips, bonus if it was owned by a lawman. Lots of those guys didn't have a cost ceiling with their duty weapon. They also lived in the heyday of Western movies and T.V. There were real lawmen that were actual quickdraw artists...
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    Out of phase pickups. What have you done?

    When I found my R8 I knew if I didn't spruce up my Classic a little it might not get much use. I watched a whole bunch of PAF reviews and ended up with a set of p/ups custom ordered for a Page harness. This is the plate that came out of the Classic. 325k's sucked, so did the long replaced 496r...
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    I've Slowly Watched Myself Become a Douchebag

    Makes sure to put that G-Shock over the sock too, ankle watches are in this year.
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    I've Slowly Watched Myself Become a Douchebag

    Some people think little dogs are silly until their 100#er eats something they're not supposed to their ass explodes all over the house......Then having a dog that poops little tootsie rolls makes a heck of a lot more sense.
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    2014 R9 Dings a deal breaker?

    Watch the classifieds here, there are some great guitars that show up at real world prices that haven't been guitar denter'd.
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    2014 R9 Dings a deal breaker?

    LOL, run away!
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    2014 R9 Dings a deal breaker?

    True, worth a shot though. I am admittedly biased against pre-13 guitars thinking they can hang price wise. The dropped and damaged angle is one to take if it plays well and sounds great. Hard to say on that with pics other than there's not much fret wear, either a case queen or a third string...
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    2014 R9 Dings a deal breaker?

    I was thinking 2400 with the damage and age
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    2014 R9 Dings a deal breaker?

    Shouldn't it be WAY more red for the dye/grain filler for a '14? It looks to have been monkied with or maybe dropped enough that it has a single mis-matched tuner.
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    What is your ideal pickup height on a LP?

    I will match the top of my pole pieces to the string radius and screw the G string pole in a half or full turn, depends on volume. In general poles jacked up for a less aggressive more sensitive vintage tone, down for hotter sound, minding pickup covers on or off effect. Then I'll set the neck...

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