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    Hercules Guitar stand owners - you might want to look at this

    Because I wasn't looking for it back in 2009, I really have no baseline with which to compare. Since the stand sat in my studio for years and didn't really move or get adjusted, it's not like I even noticed it. If the hanger and the adjustment handle were made from the same material (and I...
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    Hercules Guitar stand owners - you might want to look at this

    Same with my single stands. They've been flawless. The only one I saw this degradation on was the double stand, and only on the height-adjustment yoke. The neck arms for holding the guitars were fine.
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    Hercules Guitar stand owners - you might want to look at this

    Yes, pre-2015. They reformulated the plastics and rubber sometime around then so if you bought one today, unless it was really old stock, you shouldn't have an issue.
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    Hercules Guitar stand owners - you might want to look at this

    Kind of a necropost but for those of you still using the older Hercules stands, you should be inspecting them for the "sticky handle" issue on a semi-regular basis. I had one of the original Hercules Duo stands purchased in 2009 in my studio. I noticed the height adjustment handle had become...
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    Do you Humidify your Electric Guitars?

    I only humidify my acoustics. With electrics, if you are comfortable (temp and humidity) then they are comfortable. No need for additional humidification.
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    Gigging Guitarists - which 100% reliable wireless system do you use?

    I currently use a Sennheiser EW 100 G4 and it is fantastic. Zero dropouts and long range. I use the EW 100 G4 935S vocal mic as well and love it. However, before that I had the Sennheiser EW D1 and that thing was a hot steaming pony loaf. It works in the 2.4GHz range which is WiFi and it was...
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    Les Paul Classic Love: Show It Off

    '00 Classic: '07 Classic Antique: '07 Classic Custom '11 Classic Custom
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    Mismatched Flame Tops, Yay or Nay

    This. I dig mismatched tops as long as the depth of figuring (flame or grain) is roughly equal on both sides. When the top half looks like a flame top and the bottom half looks like a plaintop, that looks strange to me. Likewise, perfectly symmetrical flametops looks unnatural to me too...
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    You guys know everything else so...picks

    I used these too in the 80s and 90s, Still have mine.
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    Let’s see some blue Les Pauls

    '11 Custom Pro Trans Blue: '16 Custom Pro Aqua Blue:
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    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    N + 1, where N is how many you currently have.
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    Small Marshall amp advice needed.

    SL-5. Somewhat hard to find but I think there is still one in the Member Classifieds. Awesome little combo amp with a 12.
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    Need help figuring out exactly what this Les Paul is.

    This. That's a Trad Pro with covers,
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    2020 line up

    Agreed. I was hoping they would repeat the 10-color scheme for the 60th 2019 '59s. I've love to see one of these in Slow Iced Tea Fade or Green Lemon.
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    2013 Traditional... what colour is this?

    Red back says means Light Burst or Caramel Burst. The Light Bursts had more red/orange around the rim so I say Caramel Burst.