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    ThroBak Black Friday Sale!

    Save 20% off two of our most anticipated products released today for a truly special Black Friday Sale! Choose from three new ThroBak Telecaster pickup sets and the ultimate Koss P.A.F. repro made in collaboration with the current Kossoff Burst owner. Coupon Code: THANKS20
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    Are ThroBaks Worth It Really

    This post begs for a photo of you! I got to see how cool you look if I'm to rework my look!
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    Zeppelin “For Your Life” Live O2 Concert: Pickup Combination?

    To me that sounds like the normal middle position tone with a 3 pickup custom which is bridge and middle pickup out of phase.
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    PAF Pickup Secrets: What Makes a PAF a P.A.F.?

    We did a video for the ThroBak Guitar Lounge youtube channel that gives a rundown of many of the details that define a P.A.F. pickup and a P.A.F. repro by taking apart a pickup piece by piece. It includes info that should help people in finding out if they may have a vintage P.A.F. pickup. I...
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    Ask ThroBak Thursday #9

    Check out the latest episode, Ask ThroBak Thursday #9.
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    Ask ThroBak Thursday #8

    Watch the latest episode of Ask ThroBak Thursday. When will there be ThroBak Telecaster pickups and other important questions answered.
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    Are ThroBaks Worth It Really

    There is a lot to unpack in this quote but I'll give it a shot. We make an all USA made P.A.F. clone with our own tooling parts and materials. It costs a lot of money to do it. I pay a higher per piece price and min. order overhead cost than 99.9% of my competitors. I do it to get the vintage...
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    DAllen Pickups Country of Manufacture: Email Reply

    I think I probably should elaborate on this. We only wind in our shop in Grand Rapids, MI. All ThroBak parts are made in the USA with ThroBak owned tooling and dies. All ThroBak magnets are cast to our specs. in the USA by the two remaining USA Alnico makers. All ThroBak screws ,steel parts and...
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    Wildwood Spec Pickups vs. Throbaks (other, etc.)

    What are the specs. Of WW pickups?
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    SD Phat Cats or similar

    I make a humbucker sized P-90 that you should look at if you are after a vintage P90 tone. If you want a vintage P90 tone you first need parts of the same dimensions, materials and mechanics of a vintage P90. The only way I...
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    '59 PAF Talk

    Can you give an example?
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    '59 PAF Talk

    Yep 3/16" thick. This one is out of a pair of P-90's from a '52 Les Paul. I just gave one of the magnets a full charge and it tops out a 364 gauss. It was 250 before I charged it. Give it a couple of days and the charge will probably be back below 300. No other Alnico you will find in a vintage...
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    '59 PAF Talk

    Whoops! I meant 3/16”. Actually I think they may be closer to 5/32”. I’ll dig one up and measure it. These thicker A3 sound quite good in a P-90. But the 1/8” A3 can sound quite anemic in a P.A.F.. The nature of what I do means I have repaired a lot of vintage P.A.F.’s and P-90’s over the...
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    '59 PAF Talk

    True A3 is actually the rarest of magnets to find in a P.A.F.. It is easily identifiable as it will not hold a charge above the high 300’s gauss mark. The A3 most commonly used in P-90’s is 3/32” thick and will not fit in a P.A.F. assembly. 1/8” thick A3 is around but much more unusual. A4 and...
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    Gibson NAMM 2019 Video

    Matthew and I did a video of our impressions of the Gibson NAMM 2019 booth. We also had a chance to talk with the new CEO James Curleigh who seems like a great guy! All in all Matthew and I were impressed with the guitar lineup and also left feeling that there was a new and positive energy with...

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