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    **SOLD** FS: 2022 Analogman King of Tone (v4, 4 jack, hi-gain red side)

    Hate selling it having waited so long for one, but life happens, my company shut their doors, fired everyone, and its the end of the month and funds are getting tight. Practically brand new V4 King of Tone with the 4 jack option and high gain red side in the classic purple/gold colorway. Has a...
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    2012 Traditional Faded - 2 Guitars made 2 Days Apart!

    The 2011 and 2012 Trad Fadeds were a limited run done exclusively for L&M, as far as I know they all had the same specs and were all done in "Honeyburst", which from the ones Ive seen run the gambit from real light to pretty dark, in fact mine was sold to me as being a Tobacco Burst, and was a...
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    2012 Traditional Faded - 2 Guitars made 2 Days Apart!

    Get out. I have a 2012 Faded Trad too, and if my math is right, mine was made on Sept 6th (250th day of 2012), smack in the middle lol. Mine is darker, like the top one. images upload
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    AnalogMan King Of Tone

    I finally managed to pull the trigger and order one. I couldnt tell you what year I got on the list, but I got the email saying i could order back in 2017, and had a rough year where I couldnt swing the money, and ended up just forgetting about it. Just came into a chunk of extra cash and...
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    How Many LPs Have You Owned Over the Years?

    Ive only had 3, 2 Epiphones (Traditional Pro and Standard Plus) and 1 Gibson (Traditional Faded). I wanted to have a couple Gibsons, but once I got the Trad Faded, it was just perfect and everything I wanted in a Les Paul, so I never had the desire to get another one. Always wanted to try an R8...
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    Applying waterslide decals and clearcoats

    Excellent bump timing, because Im pretty close to putting on some decals on my Tele build and Id long forget about all the advise in here lol.
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    Don't Monkey Around!

    I love Stew Mac, they ship fast and it gets to me in 2 - 3 days (in PA), and even though their stuff is on the expensive side, its always really nice quality. If theres something I need, and cant do it myself, I buy from them. But some of their stuff is almost laughably expensive for what it is...
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    Warning about Hercules Wall Hangers

    Ive used String Swing hangers for 10+ years now and never had one break or fall, 10 lb LP included. I did notice that on my old LTD EC1000, for some reason, it seemed to scuff the finish a bit on the weight bearing contact points, so I wrapped the hanger in a cut up old t-shirt and thats the one...
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    You like Hearne over Groff & Groff? I havent been to Hearnes yet, but went to G&G a few times. Need to make a trip out to Hearnes one day to check them out.
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    What table saw are you using?

    Really? Thats a great deal. I got mine 20% off the $650 and thought it was a good deal at that price. $350 its a no brainer for someone who needs a table saw or has wanted one. Definitely a step up from the job site type of saw. Just check the flatness of the table. The first one I got was...
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    What table saw are you using?

    Guess you already made your choice, but I have the Delta 36-725T2 as well and love it. Its done everything Ive needed it to do. Cut through 2"+ thick hard maple with no problem. It was a huge pain in the ass to get it 100% set up and dialed in, particularly getting the blade square to the miter...
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    The 2011 LP Traditional (Standard?) Faded Mega-Thread

    Near $3000? Have prices come up that much on these over the years? When I got mine 6-7 years ago I paid $2000 and it was a little on the high side then, though mines a 2012 "re-run". Either way, a beautiful guitar. Faded LPs are still my favorite LPs put out the last 20 years outside of the...
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    Does anyone use the String Butler?

    Ive got one on my SG Future Tribute, mostly because it was already on there when I got it, dont think I ever would have bought one, but Ive also not taken it off. It does guide the string in 90 degrees to the nut, which in theory would help tuning stability, but youve still got the string going...
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    Creamtone Issues

    Too bad Creamtone has taken a dive. Ive bought a bunch of stuff from him in the past and always got what I paid for quickly, and the one time I had a missing part, he shipped it the next day and got it out to me. Ive been thinking lately about grabbing a set of LP plastics from him, but guess...

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