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    F/S - Gibson Premium Soft Case

    @Uncle Vinnie Thanks, replied via PM.
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    F/S - Gibson Premium Soft Case

    Price reduced to $85 shipped
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    F/S - Gibson Premium Soft Case

    30 day bump... Open to reasonable offers :)
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    Top Wrap

    How did you know?
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    F/S - Gibson Premium Soft Case

    On Hold - Sale Pending I am selling an as-new Gibson Premium Soft Case which came with my 2018 LP Faded. The case has never been used save for transportation home from the shop when the guitar was purchased new, and has occupied space in the mancave closet since. There are no wear marks...
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    Karma and stumbling across a vintage Les Paul ? What would you do ?

    I knew a guy about 15 years ago, guitar tech. He bought a '64 Tele from an old lady who had brought it into his shop to see if it was worth anything. I think he gave her four hundred bucks for it. That never really sat right with me. I've never encountered that sort of "deal" with guitars...
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    Anyone sell just the neck?

    Save the neck for me, Clark.
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    So where are all of the supremes artisans and florentines?

    It's kind of like running wires through electrical conduit. You can tie a string to each of the potentiometer spindles and selector switch, and pull them out through the pickup cavities. I like to tie a washer to the end of the strings so that they can't get lost inside the body. Transfer the...
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    Show your Les Paul Studio, Tribute, Special, ...

    My '18 Worn Bourbon Faded.

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