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    Bye bye Goldtop...

    Not a build but I thought it's worth sharing my experience... When I first bought my Tribute 60's Goldtop I didn't really want to get one nor any solid painted Les Paul. I'd rather always go with wood exposed through some layers of colored lacquer and I gotta say I've always had a crush on...
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    gibson les paul zakk wylde, fake or original?

    That is a true Zakk Wylde Les Paul model. The three-piece maple neck with volute gives it.
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    My les paul sound test

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    nitro finish question

    I always "sand" down the neck of my Les Paul with a scotchbrite pad, the green side. I always do it because after some time playing it gets smooth again. Why not?
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    string break-in

    Les Pauls are historically known for having tunning issues on the G string. But I've never seen something like that that can be considered normal and not fixable. If your strings are 5 months old, definitely change them and put some graphite on the nut. Just grab a pencil and rub the string...
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    NGD: 2012 premium plus honeyburst

    Awesome axe! Really! It just makes me sad Gibson doesn't make them with cherry backs. HNGD!
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    Gibson has just announced on their Custom Facebook page:
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    seriously considering this 76 LPC

    Sweet-ass Custom! Just have that nut changed, a nice setup and it's perfect. Congrats!
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    SG Jr turned into Custom

    That's what the "custom" word really represent! Very nice job!
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    The 2011 LP Traditional (Standard?) Faded Mega-Thread

    Is that a cherry back/neck? What model is it? Awesome!
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    omg ngd

    Ebony is the "creme de la creme" of fingerboards. It feels the best, plays the best, sounds the best and lasts more. One of her sisters is being sold around here for a quite nice price... I'm trying to save quick! Congrats, HNGD!
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    Deafening hollow sounding harmonics in GT deluxe

    I don't hear anything out of normal coming from a P90 on that clip. Just the combination of many components vibrating... I've seen people saying chambering leads to feedback. But at high volume though...
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    Barnaby's Video Build Diary: Handtool DCJR

    Sorry to bring the post back up but I need to say that was superb! I'd pay to watch you building a 59 replica!
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    High E string slippage

    Wow... I'm really scared about some replies! There's a gap between the fret and the nib. That's so simple! The string will catch that sometimes even when you just hit it open due to the oscilation. I see people telling you to change the nut, even the BRIDGE!!! Come on! Guitars are made of many...

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