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    If you had 2k to spend on an LP, what would YOU buy

    Used standard or old deluxe to be routed & stripped like Tom Scholz
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    How do YOU prevent buckle worming?

    When I was younger I used to wear my belt sideways when I played my guitars. all my guitars are used and most came to be with buckle worming or rash. not all do - the ones that don’t I take extra care of. I basically play these in PJs or a t shirt and boxers. all my Les Pauls have it so it’s...
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    Gibson Les Paul Standard how did I do?

    Dude this is fantastic. between the finish, light back (personal fave, and 50s neck this is thing is ballin.
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    Show your Custom!

    Wtf is up with all these pristine Norlins?! I LOVE IT!! how do you like the shaws? I never had a set until this summer and they’re prob my favorite LP pickup at the moment. sounds a lot like my PRS 245 pickups only with more mojo
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    How much should I pay for this '08 Standard w/ broken headstock?

    i would walk away from this guitar
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    Would you buy a Gibson Les Paul with poly finish?

    No, that’s what PRS is for. A Les Paul is Coca Cola Classic. Anything else can be modified as appropriate.
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    New guitar day!

    Sick dude!! Chicago and Manhattan blue are m fave traditionals. Enjoy it in good health brosef.
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    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    my parents moved to the states in the late 70s and my dad was heavily by American rock. there was a lot of guitar-forward music in the house and I knew my dad thought it was cool. I wanted my dad to think I was cool too.
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    Please Delete

    Agreed, sick deal on a flame top LPC (not common). If I hadn’t just purchased a wine red LPC last month I’d be all over this
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    Anyone else named Chris? [free gift]

    Hey MLP, My MIL got me a sign to hang in my guitar room for my bday but I received two of them. the vendor told me to keep the extra, so I figured I’d pass this off to MLP. if anyone would like my extra sign please PM me where you’d like me to ship it. First PM will take it Thanks
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    Creamtone Issues

    ‘Please don’t email me, I prefer not to leave a paper trial I can be held accountable to’ what a dirt bag
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    NGD 2014 Les Paul Standard Plus

    Gorgeous guitar, the top is really something else. Someone please school me on nibless LPs. I had never heard of this.
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    NPD; 80's Dimarzios (pic)

    dude nice!! They loom fantastic in your guitar! Very cool 'pick up'. I just bought a set of dimarzios to do the double cream thing as well.
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    How about this 2002 standard?

    this guitar adds up to a whole lotta gas for me dirty lemon, 50s neck, 02 (good year imo) I have an 04, it has a neck repair and it's still one of my favorite guitars.

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