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    Cocobolo Picks with Brass Core

    I bought a set of the Ebony / Jazz size picks and I like them allot ! They are beautiful and functional. They have a very nice weight and feel to them. Thanks for the quick shiiping!
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    FS: 1999 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Ebony

    This is a good deal! GLWS.
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    Original ABR-1 bridge?

    I have an ABR bridge that I know nothing about, if you guys could identify it I would appreciate it. It is is a wired type. wondering what year it is and if it is worth more than a buck ;)
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    2005 Tokai LS-150

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    FS 2005 Tokai LS-150

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    So umm, anybody ever notice this before?

    Double the copyright double the sewage!
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    Change Color of Humbucker Bobbin?
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    SOLD: OX4 Humbuckers

    Also sent PM.
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    FS 2005 Tokai LS-150

    Sweet one!
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    2005 Tokai LS-150

    Originally meant to be posted here. Link to sale thread here...
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    What about this tone?? Marshall Jcm 800 2204 and Les Paul! (zero amp simulator)

    Makes me think of Pulp Fiction... I dig it.
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    FS 2005 Tokai LS-150

    Friendly reminder :)
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