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    Favorite bridge replacement for a MIJ Burny?

    Callahan steel Bridge fits my 89 Greco tightly. If you email them you can measure the bridge from the posts and he will let you know if it fits.
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    FS: PRS McCarty 594 Sunburst BRW fretboard IRW neck

    Was this sold? If not then Bump! If sold then Bump for a beautiful guitar!
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Wow! How did you get such rich color and composition? What is your setup like?
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    Greco chambered?!?

    Actually thinking about it more seriously, whoever did that was probably practicing routing those control panels. Maybe valued the guitar as a cheap off brand copy. Could have sold the copy for quite a bit of money though...
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    Greco chambered?!?

    Yeah but... how resonant is that baby!!! Does it sound like an ES-335 or J-45??
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    A pointless thread for showing off

    Awesome brother! I got a 89 eg59 as well! Mine is a 70! Beautiful looking guitar! Got anymore pics?
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    Modding vintage guitars

    It would give you more options. I think this adds to the playability quite a bit.
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    Modding vintage guitars

    I am fine with it as long as it adds to the playability of an instrument and a bit conservative.
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    Greco EGF 1200 weight?

    I am the same with my 89 EG59-70. 3.9kg (8.6lbs) two (three?) Piece back two pieces maple top
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    Beauty of the burst book

    FYI... The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group is the current publisher of Beauty of the Burst. This is where I got my copy... I didn't want to pay scalper prices. Came boxed up nicely.
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    Dry Z Research

    You may be able to find part of your answer here: From what I have read on the forums from the experts here the backplate is one of the main identifying visual factors. There are some links running around I will try to find and post.
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    Email Gibson - Boycott Gibson

    Oh man that is like vs.
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    Email Gibson - Boycott Gibson

    HEY OOOO!!! :applause: :rofl:
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    Email Gibson - Boycott Gibson

    Are there pictures of the flaky guitars?
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    1989 Navigator Blister Top

    Which ESP Factory.

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