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    Anyone else carry pencils in their pockets?

    Ouch ... Get well soon! :sadwave: :photos: oh sorry, that was the wrong smiley .... What do we learn - Don't carry sharp items in your pockets, dont't leave clothes lying around. Next time you'll step on a sock and slip ..... sometimes it's right to give attention to what our moms used to say...
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    need new bridge for my special I

    Well, normally a picture says more than a thousand words, but in this case info about which bridge it is or a link to the seller would be quite valuable ;)
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    My Guitar Has Risen From The Grave!

    I absolutely adore plaintops, and the lemon shows the grain quite nicely :headbanger: @SixAngryStrings , sad to hear those stories, but glad to hear it ended well. Play the heck out of your guitar! :jam:
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    New Double Neck G-1275 SG Custom Day!

    Happy NGD! Very nice guitar! Now you can delight us with your version of this :D or this :D
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    Old Matsumoku Epi Les Paul Standard Restoration

    Wow, that looks really nice - and an open book headstock to boot. Really good work! Also, the guitar body looks impressive - can you tell me the thickness of the body?
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    Les Paul Body Thickness - Which are thicker than the Standard?

    Thanks for all your answers! But it seems the discussion drifts a little away. For my interests, the thickness measured at the rim is what actually counts - since this is the where it is perceived. @Who - thanks for your kind offer - but I fear that there is a tiny bit of misunderstanding. I...
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    Les Paul Body Thickness - Which are thicker than the Standard?

    I found out that there are numerous threads about thickness issues - way too many in fact. But I didn't find one that answers my questions. I also know that LP Studios are thinner than LP Standards. But I found photos that suggest that certain LPs are even thicker than a standard - for...
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    More New "Les Paul's" for 2018 from the CS

    But no golden strings - another case of Gibson not going the whole way Read the description? The "nice" red guitar doesn't try to cater to us .... but it is amazing how low so-called music "journalists" can sink.
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    More New "Les Paul's" for 2018 from the CS

    As long as it's not bound ..... by lips
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    Any Epiphone G-400 makeovers done?

    Motivation? I? supply? sorry, not in this case. :hmm: As you may already know, removing the PU covering of an Epiphone is quite a task. Some might even describe it as a major pain in the ass. :naughty: If you find mahogany veneer under the paint (which is sure for newer epis), saving it while...
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    Any idea which model Epi this is, olympic standard?

    :eek: this guitar has a double chin Otherwise, sorry I can't be more helpful :oops:
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    Epi Slash Anaconda-Burst

    Well thats really a bargain .... getting a Slash signature for $1200. The plaintop Gibson model costs $5000 and $6500 with signature - so the signature here costs $1500...
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    Calling DarrellV: please share the Miraculous story of your LP acquisition

    Cliffhanger alarm! I'm hovering at the edge of my seat and biting my finger AND toe nails :Ohno: :yesway::)
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    Epi. Les Paul Tribute Plus question.

    Well, I would want to see what PUs are in that guitar. Even if Gibson 57s were made in Zebra, would they show up in a Tribute Plus?
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    I got some fret buzz (guitars are worse than children)

    +1 Well, the spring - or if there is no spring one of the screws/riders