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    The Impact of Guitar Manufacturing on the Environment Some statistics. I've been on one side of this argument. It did create some nice debate on this forum. I won't...
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    Singing and playing guitar at he same time?

    Yes. 1. Work on Rhythm Guitar. 2. Keep working on rhythm guitar. 3. When you're sick of it, work on some more rhythm guitar. As for your vocals, you will naturally start by singing with the guitar. When you get comfortable with your rhythms (ie, the whole reason you're beating it into the...
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    Jumping from acoustic to electric; and the problems..

    Yes. I worked as a solo performer on acoustic for a couple of years and when I went back to electric, it was just...ugh. The best tips I can offer: Warm up with scales on the electric. Spend some time playing it, unplugged. Get familiar with the scale length, the tension, and everything...
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    Does your rig tone match its dollar value?

    Lately I've been taking a Partscaster, a Peavey Classic 30 amp and an Overdrive Pedal to open jams. It's not a bad sound.
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    The German Strat!

    That thing is spectacularly awesome in its stupendousness! I'd love to hear a sound clip!
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    People claim to have met my doppelgangers until I seek them out, and destroy the clones.... THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!! ;)
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    Am I overreacting?

    I think this just furthers my belief that purchasing pickups, be it used or new it pretty much a crap shoot.
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    Led Zeppelin stars face copyright trial

    I think it will depend on how much is being asked for as far as a settlement.
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    Any Partscaster fans out there?

    I could see that happening. Of course, there is a way around that. Typically you can find a finished Squier guitar for 100-150 bucks. That'll at least get you on the ground floor with your partscaster. As for Warmoth...the necks are kind of weird. If you special order a neck, it can be...
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    I actually like them a lot for clean stuff...almost as much as SD Blackouts which have a bit more midrange (but either can be nudged out w an amp adjustment.)
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    New (and first) Telecaster Day.

    Welcome to the Dark Side!!!!
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    Will my Yamaha Pacifica appreciate in value?

    No, it won't. So just beat the crap out of it and enjoy every nick, scratch and dent along the way! :thumb:
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    Good years for Norlin LP Custom?

    I'm not sure if the year matters so much as the day. Don't buy one built on a Monday or a Friday!! :thumb:
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    New "Signature" Guitar Day

    That guitar is badass! :dude:
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    Parts swap on my epi lp studio

    Guitar Fetish or Allparts.

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