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    Gibson SG Special - Faded cherry

    Thanks. You’re probably right.
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    Calling all 2012 Studio owners

    Long shot here, but no harm in trying. I recently bought a guitar, and it had an additional serial paperwork in it. Looks like it may belong to a studio with serial number ending in 0399. If you want it, let me know and I can send to you free of charge. Just PM me. Thanks.
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    Gibson SG Special - Faded cherry

    She has the stock pickups in her. 490r and 498t’s I believe.
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    Gibson Les Paul Goldtop - R7

    Yessir. Called Gibson to confirm year when I traded for it with another forum member.
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    Gibson Les Paul Goldtop - R7

    Hey all, You guys likely know what this is. These are getting rarer as of late, and get snagged up pretty quick. The neck is as thick as they come. I have small hands, but the profile is extremely comfortable. She is a beefy lady in the profile, but not on the back. She weighed in at the...
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    Gibson SG Special - Faded cherry

    Great project guitar here. Guitar body is in good shape, however she has been loved in her previous life. She was a main gigging guitar of the local musician friend of mine. She has a raised action for some hard rock Rhythm play. Her body is in good shape, but her paint is wearing away on the...
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    FS: Gibson Les Paul Classic 2016 Limited Run in Honeyburst

    Hell of a top on that. Nice grain brother
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    FS: 2013 American Std Olympic White Strat

    Gorgeous guitar brother!
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    Gibson SG Pelham Blue W/ Bare Knuckle Mules Split Coil

    Selling a Gibson SG in Pelham Blue with BK Mules wired Split coil. Looking to pull 1300 out of this one, shipping included. This girl does ship with a soft case and those BK Mules certainly do bring the sweet heat PAF we all tend to look for in a great guitar and great pickup. Ebay link (with...
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