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    Any Aluminum Neck Fans?

    i have a few, one is prototype without serial number, probably first ever made TB artist :)
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    Wizz PAF Pickups (in details)

    if you order through website, it would take me aprox 2-3 weeks to make them, plus shipping
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    WTB: Travis Bean guitar!

    offer me! Europe is priority but rest of the world is fine too :)
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    Wizz Pickups *Sponsor*

    covers packed separetly also available
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    Wizz PAF Pickups (in details)

    because of new forum server, pics are gone, here are some details again:
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    Wizz Pickups *Sponsor*

    we are back on ebay
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    Promote Your Band!

    Here is my band's new song, enjoy the ride :)
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    finlay finished my wood workspace
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    1958/63 Explorer build

    holly smokes, i am so happy i found this thread!!! thank you Tom! :applause::thumb::wow:
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    Guitar Conniosseur Magazine - Stephens Designs Pickups

    exactly what i was thinking, last year it was i think 12 year, now is 15+ wooow time flies :laugh2:
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    **** 1959 Gibson ES-175 ****

    oooo man this is amazing guitar, i wish i can jump on this, i have identical one from 59 and it is so good i want one more! i hope this one wait me for a month/two recharge :)

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