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    New Pillar Drill (drill press) - losing my mind

    If you need to do smaller drill bits you can always use a pin chuck thingy Youll have to watch out with very small drills as they normally need a very high speed. ( the bigger the bit the...
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    New Pillar Drill (drill press) - losing my mind

    If your living in blighty you should be able to pickup a decent pillar drill second hand. For guitar making you don't need the ultimate in accuracy. Getting decent drill bits for woodwrking is a bigger problem. I got a really nice set of hss wood bit's from rutlands when they had an offer. By...
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    How long should splines be for neck repair?

    If your'e going to try and colour the splines a bit try and use a stain with a thinner that doesn't soften the finish underneath to much ie, Niitro underneath = mix stain with alcohol so that it doesn't melt the finish to quickly. Cheers Andrew
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    How long should splines be for neck repair?

    If you haven't got an airbrush you could darken those splines a bit mixing stain with some finish and brushing (smearing stain with a sponge or finger works quite well!!). Just a matter of cosmetics and not really essential but good practice. That repair looks solid, so your tuning problems are...
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    How long should splines be for neck repair?

    If it's dropping tuning , it's more likely to be a sticking nut or crappy tuners or the strings need to be properly stretched. If it's losing pitch because of a bad repair the headstock would be flopping about or you would see open cracks. Cheers Andrew
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    Diagnose my LP Pro Deluxe

    Just out of interest try putting another e sting on the A tuner and check to see if it does the same. I thought at first that it might have been a hair of steel wool hanging between the string and a pole piece but you said it does it on all pickups. I would go over all the solder joints and see...
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    Repair of a botched headstock repair

    Some stewmac colortone medium brown (thinned heavily) and vintage amber or straw yellow stains should get you in the ball park. You could strip the finish back to the body join which will make it easier to get an even finish on the neck. I'd go for a total neck refinish. Let the sanded neck see...
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    Repair of a botched headstock repair

    Go with a burst. You would take forever trying to match the colour and the join line would be visible. As an aside when I studied guitar making at the london College of furniture about 40 years ago we had a finishing guy who got someone to put a maple patch in a rosewood acoustic side and he...
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    Particle board headstock!!!!!?????

    If I remeber correctly I think Ibanez made some guitars a while ago with mdf bodies! Cheers Andrew
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    Straightening a bowed neck?

    Let the neck cool down after heating and while the strings are still tuned up to let the glue harden up. Also make sure there's not too much of a foward curve. Sometimes the heating of the neck on it's own without string tension is enough to relieve the neck. You'll just have to keep your eye...
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    Straightening a bowed neck?

    A couple of infra red lamps held over the fingerboard should get it hot enough to release any tension and then clamp a light forward bow (if needed) You could do this by putting on a set of 12 or 13 heavy gauge strings and tuning high till the neck pulls up a bit .The plus side of a les paul...
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    What's going on under this truss rod cover?

    That just looks like buffing paste and a lot of laquer. A soldering iron will help get rid of most of that stuff. the importgant part is that the truss rod wrench fits on the nut properly and that the nut turns. Cheers Andrew
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    How do you guys hang your guns?

    I use an open drawer front on an old Ikea cabinet , but my gun is bottom feed so I just hook the paint pot over the drawer front or side whilst it's half open. Should work with a gravity feed gun as well. Cheers Andrew
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    New Les Paul - question about some flaw

    I couldn't see the micro ding on the binding, but if there is one that can be fixed either by fine sanding and buffing if the mark is not to deep or a drop fill repair with laquer. The mark on the nut looks like the laquer has flaked off, again a drop fill ld fix that but would take a week or...
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    Weird Intonation Problem

    Don't forget to give the strings a good stretch. Make sure the pickups aren't too high (usually a strat problem) Make sure the nut slots aren't too high. check 12th fret intonation. Last resort make sure the frets are in the right place. (stewmac fret position calculator or 12Th root of 2 or...

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