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    2019 LP Special TV Yellow - goes sharp

    I went to Graph Tech saddles on my 59 Special. Mine is a basket case- it won't come close to intonating with a wraparound or compensated tailpiece- so I use a Schaller bridge. I got the Graph Tech saddles because I break a lot of strings- and the tuning stability was just icing on the cake.
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    Anyone else play their Strats more than their Les Pauls?

    A few Strats have wandered through my stable- but I think I’ve determined it’s the Gibson style switching that I need given my amps and the way I’ve developed they way I’ve learned to make my stuff do what I want it to. I changed my Telecaster to an up/down toggle to sort of mimic a LP. I...
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    Whats your all time favorite guitar pick ? Pick as in plectrum

    Herco Flex 75- for both guitar and bass.
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    Best Leather guitar straps?

    BTW- one of the guitar players in one of my bands has a beautiful and luxurious strap from Ozaukee Leather:
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    Les Paul VS Telecaster

    My favorite picture of Jimmy Page is this one: Jimmy Page Yardbirds by Dave The Golden Boy, on Flickr This is my Tele. Krylon "Almond" with a Souldier strap. Pickups are Harmonic Design- it's pretty effin' beastly. TeleStrap by Dave The Golden Boy, on Flickr
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    Best Leather guitar straps?

    Bob is an artist. An artist who uses the finest leathers. I have one of his straps and it came supple and luxurious, and it just gets better with every wear. Beveled edges- on leather. And he's a great guy who helped me with another strap I was having. The wrinkles are just there because I...
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    please delete

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    CS Reissue Case (headstock area foam inserts)

    I had one of the circa 2000 Lifton cases with my 1958 Special- it was heavy and I didn’t trust a 40+ year old guitar in that case. I stuck the Lifton on a shelf and used one of the black/purple TKL Gibson Custom Shop cases.
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    Pagey’s Black Beauty Custom is $20,000?

    I like to think I understand that there’s rich people, and there’s people like me, and there’s people that have less than I do. You can see fancy mansions and all that-and think some rich person lives there… but one winter I was around 45 years old, driving around a vacation destination along...
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    How'd you break your headstock?

    I did actually break one headstock- my 1965 Epiphone Olympic. I had a bunch of guitars in cases, standing up, leaning against the wall. As I moved a couple guitars, the Olympic case stood up, and it wasn't latched- the door opened and the guitar went face forward onto the carpet. There was a...
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    How'd you break your headstock?

    I have a bass with a famously broken headstock. It's been broken off at least 5 times that I know of, but I've never been the one to break it off. When I was around 14/15 around 1984/85 I bought an EB-0. The headstock had already been broken off at least twice- judging from two different...
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    A small rant about Gibson pickups from a Gibson fan

    The 57 Classics I’ve had in my 3 reissues sound better than any Norlin humbucker or aftermarket humbucker that I’ve owned. I remember people on message boards calling them “ice-picky” and how terrible they were and that your guitar will sound like poop unless you put *something* different in...
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    Les Paul's #1 Goes Up For Auction

    There’s plenty of back and forth about who did what- but it’s generally accepted that the guitar was mostly all Gibson’s design with a few of Les’ designs and changes made to it- with the primary item being the trapeze tailpiece. Gibson let Les Paul endorse their guitar because he was so popular.
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    The Norlin Threat

    I guess it sorta depends on what is desirable to you. If it’s about having an “old” guitar- then a Norlin is desirable. If that’s what you’re into. Or if you value the features of those guitars over “vintage” features. People who want that ‘old’ Gibson look and feel are either going to...
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    Is “tune once and done” a myth?

    I have GraphTech saddles on all my guitars- it helps the tuning and string breaking immensely. I have a very heavy right hand- I would have to tune every song. IIRC- I got the saddles for string breakage issues and the tuning stability was a gloriously happy accident.

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