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    Howdy from Pappy58

    I read the beginning of this sentence and got my hopes up for you, then read the rest. Sorry to hear about your health, hang in there and best wishes..
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    Ass-teroid coming. Better buy toilet paper.

    as a tie-in to the other snowflake thread, if the earth is flat won't it just skip right off?.
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    Snowflake Alert

    Oh. My. God.
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    NGD!! Hamer Monaco Korina P90

    Very nice guitar that is well worth some of the used prices.
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    NGD!! Hamer Monaco Korina P90

    I have found they (well, at least mine) are easily distracted by shiny golden objects that fit around their fingers and necks. Hold that in one hand and the SE in the other, any they won't even notice that fine green machine. It does add to the expense column..........
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    RIP Frankie Banali

    damn, that really sucks. Metal Health was one of the first albums I bought. Sad, cancer sucks. 68 seems pretty young nowadays. somewhere, Keef is raising a toast...…..
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    NGD!! Hamer Monaco Korina P90

    Did PRS switch their SE to Indonesia? I have a 2015 or so, and I think mine is Korean. That is a damn nice guitar too. Probably the best playing guitar I own. I put some different pickups in it that I waffle on, but they are better than the stock. Pickups seem to be the only weak point...
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    NGD!! Hamer Monaco Korina P90

    yes, I believe you are correct. seems to be well made, no quality issues yet.
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    NGD!! Hamer Monaco Korina P90

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    NGD!! Hamer Monaco Korina P90

    Well, sorta new. I've had for about a month and just haven't bothered posting but need to get off my ass. Picked up a used 2018 Hamer Korina with P90s for a great deal! I've developed an unhealthy love for P90 guitars and came across this by chance. Specs: Korina body and neck Ebony...
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    New Gretsch Day!

    Nice guitar Mal!. I have basically the same guitar in the double cut version, and after the honeymoon I have 2 "things" Mine has a weird buzz on the B string when played between frets 9 and say 15. It doesn't happen all the time. It's been back to the shop a few times and we can't seem to...
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    Meanwhile in Florida... Men broke into home while wearing GPS ankle monitors

    Ha! your comment reminded me of Jim Carey in Liar Liar.
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    Phil X and VH Unchained

    DLR sounds awful when's he's isolated, but for some reason he sounds great when mixed with the music. You only really notice that he's good when someone else sings the songs, like this instance. Phil sings it okay, but it is just missing something a small bit. And I love Sammy, just not in...
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    Phil X and VH Unchained

    agreed. almost universally accepted that he's actually a monster rhythm player even though his shreddy stuff grabs all the headlines...….
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    Phil X and VH Unchained

    I know the video is long, skip first 3:30 to get to the gear explanation part.

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