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    I'm not sure what foot to use?!?

    Buy a second wah. Use both feet.
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    How important is the word "Gibson" on your headstock.

    The older I get, the fewer f*cks I give.... Both figuratively, and literally....:laugh2:
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    Hearing protection - looking for suggestions

    It is still good to practice at higher volumes sometimes - because it will change the way you sound, and thus, the way you play. But yeah, you don't need to play loud ALL the time. Maybe just leading up to gigs. Practice at the volume you're going to play at, I say.
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    What are some ways you avoid using cash building your guitars?

    Use sandpaper instead. :dunno: Sorry. :io:
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    oh man,..look at that bad boy!!

    It would be cooler if it went to 11.
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    new family addition at Castle Peekerskull

    wow...I can totally see an animal's face in his back. A zebra, maybe...or a gazelle... Good call on the name. EDIT: An anteater! If you include his tail as the trunk. lol
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    Been a while- Kauer Daylighter Bass

    Well done! I love the black binding and the marker layout on the fretboard. And just the right amount of white.
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    A good dental treatment can change the way people see you.

    Let us not emulate Japanese fashion trends....:shock:
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    Impressing the crowd

    I think it's all about tone, melody and groove. If it has a catchy hook, people will notice. Another reason Slash's solos are so good is because they build suspense. That's a big help. At least for me - I don't give a poop how fast you play if it sounds like a thousand other generic...
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    Why do we feed the world?

    "Feeding the world" is more about buying political capital than actually helping anyone. It's all about that quid pro quo.
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    Why a home studio?

    There are plenty of cheap USB interfaces on the market now, and most of them come bundled with an entry level version of some recording software. I used one of these when I first started recording: TASCAM US-200 | It comes with Cubase LE which is easy to use (much more...
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    Texas demands its physical gold reserves be returned by the Fed

    Dear President Obama, Okay. signed, Texas :laugh2: Seriously, none of those demands are the least bit intimidating.
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    Do you ever get to that moment when you can finally stop chasing tone?

    I stopped chasing tone as soon as I realized it was pointless. Any time you move your amp - even if you just tilt it back an extra inch - your tone is going to change. Walk 5 feet in any direction - you'll hear yourself differently. Play with a different drummer or bassist - your tone...
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    What Does Everyone Think Of The 490r/498t?

    I think they're decent for crunch and distorted tones, but don't really care for them clean. I agree with Malikon that they can be a little sterile and flat sounding.
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    What is the tone ratio ? Guitar / amp(cab) / pickups ? What say you ?!

    Yeah, but how much of that tone comes from the pickup and how much comes from the bridge? That bridge is pretty unique to a Tele. Where do the components stop and the "guitar" start? I don't even like separating pickups and guitar, because to me, pickups are an integral part of the...

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