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    Today's swap meet find

    If you ever happen to run across some similar 12AY7 units, please keep me in mind! Nice Score! Gene
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    NAD! Fender 68 Vibro Champ Reverb

    Ain't that a purdy little thang! HNAD, Gene
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    Marshall SC20H/HOLY CRAP!

    The JHS will do nothing for this amp that the MASTER VOLUME doesn't already do, except add another MASTER VOLUME control in the same place in the circuit! The Bugera PS1 is one of the "junk design" attenuators, right along with the Weber MiniMass (although the Weber is a tad better) and most...
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    Fender Clean with Marshall Crunch - Rivera, Bogner and…?

    A friend has the 6L6 version and can't stop raving about it! The "STEALTH" version has a couple extra features, including externally tested and adjusted bias. It is worth noting that the combo versions have at least two great features not available on the head units. Reverb and more importantly...
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    Fender Clean with Marshall Crunch - Rivera, Bogner and…?

    Don't discount the "Marshall clean" sound, as it can be every bit as cool as the "Fender" clean, just with it's "non mid sooped" Marshall character and usually not what folks get a Marshall for. The trick is having enough headroom to get that clean at the same volume as the classic Marshall...
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    Tremolux 6G9 Review

    ^^^^^^^ Wiser words have rarely been typed! ^^^^^^^ I'll bet it would have sounded pretty great with 6V6s also. Just Tremin' Gene
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    Tremolux 6G9 Review

    Weren'i those EL84 units noted for self destructing, in totally stock form? Just Askin' Gene
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    EVH 5150 iii stealth

    The Stealth is "The Big Boy" of the 50 watt series with a few added features, like external bias test/adjust. I can't wait to hear your impressions! A friend has the same head as @hbucker and has nothing but gushing praise for it, though I've not yet plugged into it!. I just wish either the...
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    Marshall Internal Jumper Mod

    Well @calieng , Robs site is back up and running! :cool: Here's a link that should be fairly enlightening. Bear in mind that even though the heading mentions Fender jacks, the Marshall 4-hole system is identical, except that many use Cliff UK jacks instead of Switchcraft style. Allother...
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    Marshall Internal Jumper Mod

    @calieng If YOU like what that "jumper" mod does that's fine, but it is not the same as the multiple ways to use the four jack system. I will not bother with a long dissertation, as Rob Robinette has already done it in much greater depth and detail than I could ever provide. Sadly, his amazing...
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    Bonamassa's Silverface Champ

    For any of those aforementioned naysayers and detractors of Bonamassa's skills as a performer, I say take a listen/watch to his hour and a half live set in a three piece, then come back and talk to us about how much better they are than Joe! Of course, havin' Anton Fig and Mike Rhodes behind...
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    Are there any other sites like Sweetwater that take pictures of each LP for a particular colorway?

    I believe Wildwood Guitars provides individual specs and pictures! Just Thinkin' Gene
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    Ebays global shipping program

    Humor me and follow the warped logic that can come from folks who only understand part of the story and can become armed with "just enough information to be dagerous!" A> A PIO capacitor "could" conceivably have oil that may be partialy lithium based. B> When voltage/current is applied to a...
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    Uncovered vs. covered bridge pickup - the ultimate battle!

    Best of all worlds! You still get some shielding, strings can't get caught under the bobbins and you also get that uncovered sound. The pup in the pic obviously originally had a gold cover and that chrome cover was clearly opened up in a crude manner (by some hack :doh:), but WD and a few others...
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    I've Never Seen These?

    While not a genuine "chainsaw" case, these don't seem too bad, except for the precariously mounted, separate handle and the rather unusual latches that I'm betting are made of unobtainium. Has anyone here ever put their hands on one and are they sturdy...

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