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    Boy Scouts files for bankruptcy to put sex-abuse lawsuits on hold

    My son was in the scouts when he was 11. We went to a camp event with troops around the area. My son got sick while we were there and he had to go to the on side hospital. When he got back, he told us that one of the older boys that was there wanted him to take off his uniform so he could...
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    My new(used) Les Paul Studio

    Congrats on a killer guitar. I just joined the Studio club the last day of 2019 when I picked up an '05 Gibson Studio in a pawnshop. After ALL these years and probably owning more than 100 guitars, this is my very 1st one. It's and amazing sounding and playing guitar, and the neck just...
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    My wife wants to buy me a ES335!

    Congrats' on having an amazing wife Mikey.
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    NGD . 1989 Standard

    Congrats on a KILLER Lp Rockhard. LOVE IT!!!! I scored the same year and color LP at a pawnshop about 4 yrs ago for $993 dollars. It is all original with OHSC as well. My '89 Gibson Heritage Cherry Sunburst LP Standard
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    Show your Les Paul Studio, Tribute, Special, ...

    I just got my very 1st Gibson LP Studio the very last day of 2019 at a pawnshop. I pretty much stole it without actually breaking the law. My new to my '05 Gibson LP Studio.
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    Pay Me Double For My Ugly Customized LP Studio

    The fact that I just picked up an '05 Gibson LP Studio in killer condition with a Gibson USA black hardshell case for $286 last month, this price seems stupid crazy high. I guess there's a fool out there that might bite, so I guess there's that.
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    NGD American Special Stratocaster

    VERY nice score. Congrats!!!! I had an '09 Fender Sunburst Special like yours that I bought in a pawnshop a few years back for $400 and it came with an original 70's Fender Molded guitar case. It was a great guitar,but I already had over 10 Fender Strats, and I needed/wanted another guitar...
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    PAUL DI’ANNO's last gig

    Back in '81 I got to see Paul with Iron Maiden open up for Judas Priest. I got to hang with Iron Maiden out by the pool before the concert. They were ALL reading comic books out by the pool. They ask a lot of questions about the popular bands touring in our area, and said they really loved...
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    1990 Les Paul Custom

    Very nice score. Congrats!!!! That guitar was born the same year as my son. I'm still looking for the right '90 Gibson LP to buy for him. Hopefully I'll be able to score a beauty like yours.
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    NGD 2003 LP Classic Ebony and Gold

    That's a beauty for sure. Congrats on an amazing guitar. All these years I've never owned a Classic. I have a friend who's got a '00 Classic Amber Premium Plus that I'm going to buy from him. I'm raising cash right now, and hopefully I'll be in the Classic club in a month or so.
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    Why Buy New? (Guitars that is)

    I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much of a guitar whore to buy new guitars. I only buy good quality used guitar if I can get them at wholesale or less prices. Why pay market on any used guitar when there's A LOT of killer deals to be had if you put in the time and energy to hunt them down. I hold...
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    The Cheats got Beat... and the last pass of Brady's career was a Pic-6... life is great!!!

    Brady should have retired after he won the Super Bowl last year. He deserved the pitiful ending to his season.
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    50 years old - FIRST GUITAR

    Congrats and welcome to MLP. Hopefully you'll work hard and practice and be worthy of owning 5+ good Gibson LP's by the time your 60.
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    NGD: 2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic Trans Amber

    Congrats on scoring a real beauty. I have a 2000 Classic Premium Plus and I should be buying in the next month or so. A friend of mine is going to sell it to me, but I've got to sell some gear to get it. Here's a pic of the beauty I'm going to get.
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    I ended 2019 with a bang (Gibson content )

    Thanks guys. I hope 2020 starts out like 2019 ended for me. Hopefully there will be some more great guitar whoring scores in 2020. I hope we all here still believe you can never have enough guitars, because I'm still flying my flag.