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    How important is keeping original case with guitar

    Guitar players are nuts about cases and candy. I honestly don’t understand the obsession with original hang tags and stuff like that. Whenever I put a guitar up for sale, 70% of the questions are about case candy and the other 30% are about the precise weight of the guitar. Nobody ever asks...
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    Buckle rash aged Les Paul decrease value

    That’s all you had to say man. I’ve dealt with this type of post-sale extortion garbage from so many Chinese buyers. They also like to buy your item on eBay and then try to negotiate you down after they have committed to buying. I refuse to sell to Chinese buyers on eBay or reverb anymore...
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    What is the root cause of GAS?

    Once you get married or old, you can’t chase chicks anymore. New gear is chaseable and a lot less trouble.
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    New here - Sax player with a guitar habit

    Honestly I don’t know how anyone could learn sax as an adult. I’ve seen a few friends try, but it never pans out. I started as a 12 year old band kid and having played the slow long stuff all the way through school is the only way I can make a decent sound these days. The fingering pattern is...
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    How are the newer Custom Shop Strats? Are they worth it? And...

    I find it funny that people want to pay extra for a new guitar that someone intentionally beat the crap out of. It’s like the people that buy new jeans with holes in them. What’s the point?
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    Are 59 bursts worth THAT?!

    This thread is making me happy that I’m primarily a saxophone player. This is my holy grail tenor, it’s a 1952 Selmer Super Balanced Action that’s all original other than the pads. It’s identical to the horn John Coltrane played and somewhat rare. It’s worth about $15K max. We don’t have...
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    How are the newer Custom Shop Strats? Are they worth it? And...

    I’m picking up a 2019 custom shop tele today that I ran across on local Craigslist. I’m interested to see if it’s worth the hype. I wasn’t actually looking to buy anything, I was trying to price out a PRS that I’m about to sell and I came across this one. It’s your typical mid-life crisis guy...
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    New here - Sax player with a guitar habit

    Thanks for sharing that story, that’s awesome and your Dad definitely had you listening to the best sax players! That old Conn looks beautiful too, do you play it? I’ll bet it has a huge tone! Good choice listeningto Redman, I believe he’s the best living tenor player. Have you heard his...
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    New here - Sax player with a guitar habit

    Hi all, As my username states, I’m primarily a tenor sax player but I studied guitar during my early years. I’ve decided to pick it back up about 25 years later with hopes of being able to play in a band where I’m on sax and rhythm guitar. Im a total gear head and I’ve picked up about 6...
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    FS 2017 Les Paul Standard T - Mint Condition

    Note: this same guitar is on eBay, that’s me selling it too. Those of you that search eBay might recognize the pics because they are the same.
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    FS 2017 Les Paul Standard T - Mint Condition

    Up for sale is a mint condition 2017 Les Paul Standard T in heritage cherry sunburst. Comes with the pick guard (not installed) and case. Asking $1900 OBO shipped to USA from Danville, CA. In person pickup is welcome if convenient for you. I’m new to the forum and this is actually my first...

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