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    FS: Gibson '61 Reissue SG Worn Brown - Duncan Antiquity

    Yea the satin browns are really cool looking, they just look old. I had a satin brown ES-333 and it was killer too.
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    FS: Gibson '61 Reissue SG Worn Brown - Duncan Antiquity

    $1200 shipped (CONUS) From a run of satin finished ’61 Reissues Gibson did in 2012 this is the faded brown walnut that appears to have some additional fading/relic to it, particularly the back of the neck and the edges of the body contours giving it an aged look and a nice satin natural feel...
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    SOLD: Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC (CME Limited Run Faded White)

    SOLD Recently purchased Chicago Music Exchange limited run. These are the same as the regular colors except in white and with a red tortoise pickguard. Guitar is in like-new condition having been played lightly in the house. Comes with the stock Gibson gig bag. Weight is 7.1 lbs and neck is a...
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    Gibson SG 61 Reissue, the hunt for the elusive "slim taper"

    There might be something to that. I currently have two 61RI's, a 2010 and a 2012. The 2012 is noticeably slimmer and flatter feeling than the 2010 that is definitely chunkier and more rounded. In fact, this 2012 is probably the slimmest, flattest profile example of any Gibson 60's slim taper...
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    NGD: Eastman SB59/V-GB (relic Les Paul copy) REVIEW

    Can't really add much more than is in the lengthy original post. In short, the R8 is a better guitar but the Eastman is a better guitar for the price point. They are pretty far apart in cost so that's up to you. Eastman resale is nowhere near Gibson resale. Personally, I'd buy another Eastman...
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    NGD: Gibson DC Special in faded white (CME special run)

    I tend to have a love/hate thing with P-90's. Love them when other people play them, not so much myself. But I keep trying. This one is a special run in white with tortoise from CME. Of course I modded it with Wolfetone P90's (Meaner bridge w/rough cast alnico 2 and an underwound Mean neck...
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    NGD 2019 Standard Faded Limited Run

    I had a faded Traditional from L&M's 2012 run and it was heavy and also the absolutely best sounding LP I've ever owned. Regret getting rid of it.
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    NGD: 2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC in Ebony

    I just bought one of the CME limited editions in white with a tortoise pickguard. Going to mod it with aged nickel hardware (Faber bridge) and Wolfetone Mean/Meaner set with raw nickel covers soon. Mine did arrive with a very light colored fretboard that almost had a dusted look to it. Clearly...
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    Heritage Guitars Has Launched Legal Action Against Gibson Brands

    Actually, while the Les Paul might be their flagship, they sell far more SG's than anything else. Guessing probably because they're cheaper.
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    SOLD - FS: 2019 Gibson SG Standard CME exclusive - more photos added

    So what are these? Are they basically a 61RI with different pickups, colors and 70's small block inlay? Do they differ in another way? Thanks.
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    Holy Cow That Tone! Eastman T64/V TT

    Anyone know if there's enough center block through there to add a stop bar? Not into the trems and that P90 model is really calling me.
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    Holy Cow That Tone! Eastman T64/V TT

    Well at least the neck is mahogany, and I think it makes a difference. Everything maple is a bit much for me.
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    Holy Cow That Tone! Eastman T64/V TT

    I've owned a couple Eastman LP styles (SB59 and SB57) and they are really cool guitars. The reason I haven't picked up one of the semi hollow types is because they're all maple where as Gibsons for example use mahogany necks and center blocks. To me this is evident in the brighter tone. I think...
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    Not looking for anything in particular, but I'm always receptive to trade offers because you never know. That said however, I only do trades locally. Too many variables. Thanks.
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