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    2019 LP JR Tribute DC-Mods

    Ah, getting some red special vibes from this
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    NGD: L6-S Reissue

    Kinda like having a reissue better than an original anyways. I've rarely seen these reissues pop up on craigslist/reverb. And if they go up in value anything like the G3 Tribute reissue did, not a bad investment at all. Plus I can mod it all I want without worrying about fuckin with old wood
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    Whatever happened to River?

    Anyone that's been on this site before 2015 would definitely know who I'm talking about. He hasn't posted since 2016, hopefully he's doing alright.
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    NGD: L6-S Reissue

    Starting about a couple years ago I had to cut down my collection significantly so I can pay bills and still eat at the same time. It really sucked narrowing down from 12+ guitars to only having 2. Recently, I've finally gotten back in good financial standing and could afford to start getting...
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    I've been gigging regularly since I was about 13, and I'm very glad I got into it that early because it's taught me a lot of important things about professionalism that would've been much harder to grasp at an older age. I still drink and smoke a little bit before and after a show within reason...
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    WTF Is up with this pickguard?

    Yep, this things definitely getting a new pickguard, bridge, and refinish. Thinking maybe a silverburst.
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    WTF Is up with this pickguard?

    So I got a call from my buddy the other day. He tells me "Hey Tanner, I got this fucked up acid trip gone wrong looking bass thats been sitting in my garage for the past 7 years. You want it?" And after having to cut my collection down to just 2 guitars and 1 bass, I said Hell Yeah!! He drops it...
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    Medical Marijuana Card

    I'm definitely planning on getting a medical card when I move to Colorado next summer, even though I know it's already recreational. Living in Texas I don't even have the option, and while I haven't had any trouble getting weed anywhere in the state I've lived it'd be nice to just go to the...
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    New Epiphone OR Used Gibson?

    It all comes down to the neck for me when it comes to deciding between guitars, see if you can find a store near you with both in stock and give em a try.
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    New Band, New EP; Dedsun's EP0

    Hey everyone! A couple years ago, I joined my friends band on bass as a temporary fill-in. I wasn't terribly good at bass, but competent enough to fill in. 2 years later, we've finally put out the first of 3 EP's we're releasing over the next couple years. Can't really put a finger on what we...
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    MIJ Strats, you like 'em?

    I had a really nice E-series strat for a little bit, one of the best strats I've played. Had to sell it a few months ago to pay the bills, but I got a buddy trying to sell his that I'm trying to bargain with
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    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    I've had a Fulldrive 2 mosfet on my board for almost 8 years now, still one of my favorite pedals. While I don't use it as my primary dirt pedal anymore, it sounds great behind a big muff to give it a little more top end bite
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    Your top ten favorite albums of the 1980's

    1. Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair 2. Kate Bush - Hounds of Love 3. The Cure - Disintegration 4. My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything 5. New Order - Technique 6. The Smiths - The Queen is Dead 7. Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Ozz 8. Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges 9. Galaxie 500 - On Fire...
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    Show of hands on who's doing a pre-order on a 2020?

    Trying to decide between a Special or a 61 SG, most likely gonna pull the trigger on a special though
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    gibson relesed a gibson 70s tribute BASS

    That's what I'm doing right now! My friend is selling a 70s Grabber G3 right now. I'm inbetween getting his or one of these tributes. However, I'm having trouble getting any firsthand accounts from people that have either used/owned the Tribute or have used/owned both. The main reason I'm...

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