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    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    I thought this forum was exactly the place to discuss the value of these guitars (however we can do without the misinformation). The qualified buyers of this guitar won't have their budgets impacted on this item based upon our discussions, as long as misinformation such as non original...
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    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    Thank you Scott for challenging these "know-it-alls"!
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    Uncirculated 1959 Burst - 9 0922

    I am an admirer of the 0900 series too. Lots of plain tops with minimal flame, but they do keep their red better than many other ranges. I have an 04XX with a lower serial number and these plain tops are gorgeous!
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    Hi Eric, nice meeting you today at the Philly show (I could not find you on let me...

    Hi Eric, nice meeting you today at the Philly show (I could not find you on let me know if you are ever on Long island!
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    $319 Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Honey Burst

    link no longer working. I am no fan of Epiphany les pals but recently picked up a gorgeous, used ice-team Les paul and looks great and plays and sounds great. I was blown away by it and it's low cost. I'm a believer now!
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    Don't Worry, the crack seems cosmetic only.

    Here's a gem, offered locally in my area, on craigslist.... Yikes! Seller claimed "crack on front, but seems cosmetic only." Check out the pictures.
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    Phil Harris plays 9-04XX and 9-0279

    Great videos! I have a 9-04xx that looks exactly like what Phil is playing. Of the 13 9-04xx that have been submitted to many of them have little or moderate flame and have kept their colors quite well over time!
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    This Pretty Much Sums Up Craigs List on Long Island

    I have to check craigslist at least once a day, but it's so rare to see anything on there of good value. Yet when I sell on there I try to come up with a realistic price unlike many of my craigslist competition. I did not write this listing but it's so true...
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    Can someone interpret this CL ad for me?

    I have no idea what he is trying to say, but looking at his pictures, interests, and articulation, I'd be afraid to meet him at his place. My biggest concern is that he would chop me into little pieces and display my head on his amp.
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    Reccomended Luthiers in NY

    A great luthier is Chris Mirabella. I live on Long Island and was referred to Chris by a client of his who drives about 100 miles to have Chris work on his vintage Les Pauls. Yes, Chris is that special. Chris has worked on about 15 of my guitars and is amazing! 631-842-3819...
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    Is this a real '55 GT ?

    it sold yesterday.
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    Is this a real '55 GT ?

    so the general consensus is? Authentic Les Paul vintage guitar with a refin and some repair/replacements? This guitar is in my own back-yard, perhaps I will check it out.
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    8k Gibson Amp?

    The price he is asking seems to be inline with many of the other guitar related items he is selling. All his prices seem exuberant. Check it out!
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    NGD Carvin CS3

    The floyd system works so well with this guitar. I don't use the floyd much so you don't even realize it's there until you want to make a statement during a guitar solo. I also have a floyd on a strat with HH pickups and that thing rocks too!
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    NGD Carvin CS3

    great photos, thanks for sharing. I have a lot of less pauls, vintage and new. The Axcess is just an amazing gutar in sound, feel, balance, and weight. It feels and plays better than most of my other guitars. Did you put on the pickguard? I've never seen one with a pickguard before. I had...