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    Very sweet guitar, brother!
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    Best guitar strings?

    Ive heard good things about those strings. I might have to try them. The less tension and softer feel is appealing to me.
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    Best guitar strings?

    I'm still undecided on what I like the best honestly. I like the feel of pure nickel but they seem to have a little less brightness to them. I've been pretty happy with Dunlap, GHS, D'Addario and DR Blues. I want to like Ernie Ball but they feel like wire to me.
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    I’ve recently ordered a couple different ABR bridges and they’re fantastic. I had to wait a little bit (maybe a month) on the Gold. The Nickel arrived in a couple of days. Both look great!
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    How many Les Pauls have you owned and what are/were they?

    Here are just Gibson's. I'm sure I'm missing a few. Have had about 7 different Heritage H-150 LPs as well. 1959 Les Paul Special - TV Yellow 1971 Les Paul Custom - Black 1978 Les Paul Standard - Black 1981 Les Paul Firebrand - Green 2000 Les Paul Classic - Cherry 2006 Les Paul Classic -...
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    Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

    Thank you for the kind words! I opted for the 50's Black Beauty vibe... It's kind of mishmash of parts.... '69 SG Custom tail, Creamtone ABR-1, Antiquity pups, etc. The plastics are original, as well as the toggle, pots and pg bracket. It's a great player guitar.
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    Aging hardware on the guitar?

    Exactly what I would suggest. I aged some nickel Grover milk bottle tuners this way.
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    Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

    This is my 1971
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    2004 Gibson ES-333, Blonde Finish, with Hardshell Case

    These have always appealed to me. Very nice guitar.
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    SOLD: Kenny Wayne Shepherd Signature Stratocaster $725 shipped

    Cool guitar. I have a few of these that he signed for me. So, they don't get played. I do like the sound of the pickups.
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    Gibson Garage Visit Today

    It's a fun stop. I was there a couple weeks ago. They do have all of the shirts, signs, etc.. in stock, if that's your thing. Plenty of new guitars hanging on the carousel and walls to keep you occupied for a good bit. Scouffed at the Murphy Lab prices. Ended up walking out with a koozie...
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    WTB: G0 Guitar Center Custom Shop '60 Reissue Les Paul

    I have a pretty nice 2016 Bourbon, but not sure if I'm ready to part ways with it yet. It has a lot of Creamtone parts, original 1960 caps and Wizz pickups. They are great guitars!
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    2018 Aged Custombuckers (Out of a M2M)

    Great pickups. Had a set I should have kept. Wish I had a use for them right now.
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    Does your Les Paul keep changing size?

    Funny post. I kind of get what you’re saying in that, I’ve noticed a difference in body size and cut on Custom Shop R9,R0 etc to a production line. Distinct difference to my OCD cork sniffing eyes. Mine don’t typically lean out/ widen too much, unless a few Oberon were involved though.
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    NOGD 1959 Double Cut Special TV Yellow

    Excellent find! I have the same exact guitar - early 1959 Limed Special. As far as tuners go... I would call Kim at Historic Makeovers. He can get you taken care. I had him source and age some for my '66 ES330. They look perfect.

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