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    WTB Vintage Gold Grovers

    I need some for my ‘71 Custom as it was reamed out for larger tuners at one point in its life. Just looking to see what you guys have. Prefer them to be worn and aged as the guitar is really aged from 50yrs of playing.
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    *** 1954 LP Goldtop Restoration ***

    Fascinating to see the progress! I have an early 70s Custom that needs a Kahler cavity filled. Probably a similar process.
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    Nibs or No Nibs, which do you prefer?

    Vintage collector? Definitely prefer them! Player? Who cares!... dress them nice and play it!
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    Bump for a straight seller.
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    2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom ( Good Wood Era)

    Beautiful. Great photos as well.
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    Playroom converted to studio/ jam space

    Bravo! That looks incredible!
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    1959 Gibson Les Paul Special: A restoration journey

    Did the Mojoaxe make a big difference on the ‘59?
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    1959 Gibson Les Paul Special: A restoration journey

    I’m always for TV Yellow.... as much as I'm a purest, you'll never hear me argue about Pelham Blue, Black or White though. Great colors on those guitars for a refin if it has to be refinished and in your particular situation. Do what you want, it’s your guitar. Just my .02
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    Beautful guitar. I have to say...... something tells me these will be classics in years to come. Especially in this color.
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    1959 Gibson Les Paul Special: A restoration journey

    I actually played that guitar and have a picture holding it. I also have a 1959 Special. Once I figure out how to post pics I will.
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    Where are all of the “affordable” Reissues

    Agreed. My 2016 G0 is one of my favorite guitars that I own. I have and have had a few vintage guitars including a 1959 Special. Still the G0 is my go to. I've modded it a bit with WIZZ pickups, Creamtone wiring harness and better hardware and plastics. Just feels great and all around...
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    Opportunity to buy back my old Les Paul... Thoughts.?

    I’m not sure why the confusion. If I bought a new LP in 1980, which would be pretty awesome considering that’s when I was born, then sold and regretted for that long? There’s no way I would let $3500 get in my way. Definitely don’t overthink this one. Do it! The story goes that Gibson used...
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    1968 Les Paul custom vintage.

    Oh hell yes!
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    Great looking LP...... man that would be a sweet one for sure. I've been longing for a Lucy. ;)
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    Incoming 57 GT

    Great Les Paul! The refin looks really good!

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