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    Possible Amp Kit Build - Who's the best supplier and why??

    I have quite a few hand wired amps- and to be honest the tube depot 5e3 is likely the quietest. I attribute this to the PCB board. Sounds as good as some vintage amps- better than others as there are always build variables. But with the PCB there will be less. Cork sniffers will say the PCB is...
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    Les Paul Junior or SG Junior ??

    DC les paul- all day. I like the idea of the sg jr-but they are so light-and the standard les paul shape is kind of clunky for a stripped down guitar. The DC les paul solves all of this for me.
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    Les Paul for life

    It only means you are going to break up with the les paul! Looks like a good job though!
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    P90 rod magnets vs bar magnet

    And big Al is right on the tribute pickups- worst ever! very sensitive to height- ok for jazz or light blues-but thats about it.
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    P90 rod magnets vs bar magnet

    I love the P90s slug pickups- more like a tele texas special than a P90 perhaps-but thats not a bad thing! To be honest many epiphone P90s sound more authentic than gibsons, or aftermarket pickups to be honest.
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    5w Champ kits

    If its a first build- I would do the tube depot. I have put their 5e3 against a high end kit, and original fender, a reissue fender, and a aftermarket builder-and it is as good or better than any of them. I of course build eyelet or turrent and its cool-but the PCB they use is really good. It...
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    Don't Listen to Family, Friends and Significant Other about how many guitars you have.

    I needed a new truck, and was looking at a hummer or a massive pickup- and my girlfriend said "you should get something your GF would like to ride in"- so I got a cadillac instead. She broke up with me before the first payment. Last time I listen to anyone when it comes to what I want. After...
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    Chinese pre-wired point to point 5E3 boards

    Agreed - easiest part of build.
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    Ernie Ball M Steel strings

    I notice the stretch and tune up much quicker than normal sets- if a high e takes 3 or 4 tugs on regular EB- the M and above grades are one tug.
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    Recent build Gibson P90’s. All the same??

    The p90s in the 2010 50s tribute were the worst I have ever experienced.
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    Do Some Pickups naturally Sound Better /w/.009 Guage

    Right now I keep my les pauls with 8s, my sg and teles with 9s and my strats with 10s and hollow bodies 11s. I went lighter due to some hand issues, which resolved themselves-but for my thing- the lights on the les pauls work best for me. I am not a humbucker fan, and it seems to help. Besides...
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    Recent build Gibson P90’s. All the same??

    Some of the epiphone p90s off the 120$ specials sound almost identical to original 1959 jr/special pickups, having both in hand. And much more authentic than many of the high dollar ones-but a lot of the high dollar ones sound better than originals.
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    PCB versus wired - any REAL sound differences?

    I have built, and worked on amps-and the identical circuits using PCB or turrent board construction. There is no difference in sound quality, but sometimes the PCB is quieter in noise level as the back of the board wires are traces and thus not going to have any issues with dress or soldering...
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    Recent build Gibson P90’s. All the same??

    Yeah Larry, to me they are a tele on steroids kind of sound. I personally love them-but they are more hi fi than true P90
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    NGD 2016 Les Paul Standard T

    Sweet Guitar! I went for a bit more subtle flame on my 17 wanting to try to get close to joe walsh`s 60-but when I see one like yours I question myself! That guitar is so beautiful it transcends my usual tastes in guitars. I hope you enjoy it as intended and play the finish off of it! Of...