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    FAKE 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitars and the factory ledgers. A Wall Street Journal story 7-10-2020

    You beat me to it. I'm also a believer in the notion that it wasn't someone with incredible forethought about what 59 bursts would be worth. Yes, they were pricey even back then, but I can't imagine someone would intentionally steal the ledger of guitars worth $5-10k (early 80s before the...
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    FAKE 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitars and the factory ledgers. A Wall Street Journal story 7-10-2020

    You're fortunate that so-n-so tells you. I usually have to find out about it from someone at the MLP booth. ;)
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    Possible fake 1960 Les Paul Special for sale in the UK

    S/N Font wrong. Modern fret nibs. Logo is wrong Cavity wrong Cavity plate screw holes not right etc Compare it to this real '60 Or this one...
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    Vintage Stoptail Studs Question

    I just checked my '63, and they are NOT beveled. Where did you buy the studs? That might be the bigger indicator of whether they are real or not.
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    1954 Goldtop with missing “Les Paul” silkscreen logo

    I was asking if YOU could see the residue, if you hold the guitar at different angles in the light.
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    1954 Goldtop with missing “Les Paul” silkscreen logo

    Ask him to check the solder again on the bridge volume pot. Doesn't look "perfectly untouched" as he describes. Can the logo be viewed at a angle? ie see the residue of the silkscreen.
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    That's badass. Congrats. (And congrats to myself for picking a top that is pretty good with respect to the bald spot.) Here's the original from a similar angle, when it was on the wall at the Custom Shop shop to compare colors with a test guitar they painted. (Your pic is more red, but I'm...
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    need help on this Les paul junior 59

    That headstock is awfully shiny and clean to warrant a replacement decal/logo. Was it sold with a repaired headstock break or as a refin? That photo of the back of headstock looks like there is a darker area. Look very very very closely at the area/grain pattern between the green lines. My...
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    Understanding UV Lamp or Black Light, NEW VIDEO!

    Here's what you can count on: The fact the you can't count on anything.
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    "Paulette" for sale in Germany

    Are you telling that from those blurry pics?
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    Anyone interested in the Marlboro Burst?

    Strange wear / non-wear all at the same time. Original frets, and good physical condition, but flaky finish all over, rewound pickups, and missing LP logo. Neck has a different patina, and what looks like a 'different' shaped heel.
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    State of the collectible/vintage market in 2013?

    As long as people keep using the absurd definition of "25 years to be vintage", then the average prices will drop, particularly when times are tough. And as long as people try to treat the vintage market as one monolithic thing, they will make mistakes. Blue-chip era guitars are a more...

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