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    I love it when people ask for info on MIJ guitars.

    You just cant help some people Wulf
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    Replicas of replicas?!?

    The one in my avatar is a Derrig Could kick my own ass for ever selling
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    Stratocaster parts strat

    That’s Sweeeeet
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    SOLD to Member

    Now $450 shipped ppg
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    Where to buy grey foam padding for R8 case

    I saw some on Reverb awhile back. I think they wanted $99
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    For the players who removed their custom buckers...

    I loved mine in my 16 R8. About a week after I got my 19 R9 I pulled them out fast as I could. To me thru the same Soldano I played my R8 thru they sounded flat and muddy on the neck and shrill on the bridge. I adjusted poles ,height and added a set of real vintage bumble bee‘s to no avail...
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    Gibson LP Classic 2019 - fretboard problems

    I’m not sure if Gibson is using quality rosewood anymore
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    Cracklings pots on new 60th anniversary ‘59 les Paul

    I stripped all my pots out and changed the to Mojo pots due to factory CTS had two hanging up at about 4 on both tone pots
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    SOLD to Member

    Ok how about a SE 245 for this one
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    2006 History singlecut SOLD

    Roxy is a lady not a dude
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    2019 Reissues vs The Real Deal

    I sold mine and put in Throbak didn’t like the Unpotted CB
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    How can you tell Between Custombuckers and Older 57’s

    Sold my Unpotted 2019 Custom-buckers awhile back and been looking for a A waxed set. After looking at what’s for sale on Reverb a friend told me to be careful as the PAF sticker is the same on both sets As the Classic he has. The new 57 has different white stickers added. How do you know
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    2019 Reissues vs The Real Deal

    I owned a real 1960 and Aside from the pickups everything seemed no different than today’s reissues. Bridges are the same, tailpiece same etc
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    SOLD to Member

    Wow no love for PRS Santana with all these upgrades. No MIM strats oh well bump anyway
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    SOLD to Member

    2011 PRS Se Santana but this is by no means a plain Santana. Upgraded with everything possible. $300 worth of upgrades. First Grover locking tuners, Graphtec Nut, Series/Parallel toggle switches. Dimarzio 36th Anniversary pickups. Also PRS USA knobs and all USA wiring pots and caps. RS Super...

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