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    Gibson Les Paul Professional?

    Guys, do you know how old this post is? It started 10 years ago and until today it had lain undisturbed for 6 years..
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    Modern vs Custom Shop Reissue

    They're both fantastic guitars but it's all in the name. If you go for historic you get historically accurate (debatable) parts, custom pickups and bumblebee caps. You get historic aesthetics such as narrower headstock, historic tuners with push-in ferrules etc. You get specially selected...
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    I stripped my Studio...

    I can't see the seam either...
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    What model is this?

    ^^^ Well said. MrWrong is right!
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    I think that guitar looks fantastic. Happy New Great-Looking Guitar Day
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    should the poker chip always match the pickguard?

    Gorgeous flame top and colour.
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    Looking back at the 2012 fiasco, what’s the verdict?

    2012 Classic Plus with baked maple board. Looks awesome, sounds awesome, plays awesome(ly). As others have said, some good, some had and a question of personal choice.
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    NGD. The 2nd first Les Paul

    I wasn't a fan of the 12th fret inlay when it was introduced. But it has grown on me to the point that I now think it looks pretty cool and i want one. HNGD
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    I recreated the strat/Les Paul studio setup of Iron Maiden

    If only I could play that song.... Great vid. Well done!
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    Fake Les Paul on Ebay?

    Okay, the first one looks like a new headstock. I can't see wings, serial, waterslide, and the logo looks wrong to me. The finish on the neck repair/replacement is pretty poor. But there is something that looks like '2'. Maybe it's a second but why sand off the serial? Stolen, maybe...
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    NGD: Gibson Memphis ES-Les Paul '59 Neck Tobacco Burst VOS

    Just that first photo, in its case, made my jaw drop. That's gorgeous. I have a 2012 Classic in vintage sunburst which is a similar colour so straight away I loved the look of it. HNGD.
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    Ngd Well Not Really But...

    That's a beautiful guitar. Good choice. Love the vid.
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    Hello new member and NGD!

    Oh and hello and welcome. Lovely guitar, by the way.
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    Hello new member and NGD!

    Woah. I did not want to see that. It's like 2 Gits, One Cap
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    NGD 2018 Pelham Blue

    Sweet baby jesus and mary chain, these p90 PB Classics look amazing. I'm tempted to get an ebony one and add an old Bigsby I have.

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