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    I've only had one set of Gibson P90s, came stock in a Custom Special. They were almost the exact opposite of what I expected. None of the thick mid-range that I was looking for. Very close in tone to the single-coils in one of my Telecasters. That's cool and useful in its own way. Personally...
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    Marshall Origin 20H + Marshall Code 412 or Marshall Origin 20 Combo

    That's not always the case ... The Origin sounds a lot better - even at home volumes - through a 2x12 with mismatched speakers. I've settled on a Celestion Blue and A-Type pairing for my Origin head. I would have recommended this if I'd seen the thread before the OP made his decision. The...
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    Bought a lot of Lesters

    Are they worth it? Yes. If you're after a 'better' Standard, the R9 is it. Are there alternatives that you might enjoy even more? Yes. I got my R9 because, like you, I felt that I was missing out by not having a re-issue. I'm very glad that I did. I found the Custom Shop guitars to be a clear...
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    Marshall Origin

    You want the Studio Vintage or Studio Classic amps for that. This amp (well, the one I have at any rate!) works best as a gritty pedal platform. (It sounds gritty, even though it's actually dead clean). On mine, I don't get any distortion from the preamp - just more volume - and the Master has...
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    Marshall Origin

    I've got the Origin 20 head. Had it since they first shipped at the end of April 2018. It's my main practice amp at home. Depends what you want it for, and what speakers you go with. For me, this amp's sweet spot is as a pedal platform. The amp takes every drive pedal - budget and boutique...
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    NAD! Mini Silver Jubilee 2525H

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    Selling my Jr to get something with more clean headroom

    Would a Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 be loud enough for you?
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    You can now Ditch your Marshalls

    OUCH. Oh man, I'm sorry. Maybe keep an eye out of a 2nd hand setup one day? Over here, you can get all that for less than a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Traditional.
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    Marshall DSL20HR...Still have yours?

    There are still reasons to pick the Origin or the DSL instead (other than money). If you're looking for a pedal platform, the Origin and Studio Classic are both great choices, offering different flavour of tones. If you're after amp dirt, the DSL offers a more modern tone than the two Studio...
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    You can now Ditch your Marshalls

    That's cool if a) you can get the original and b) the original suits you or your circumstances. What about people who can't get the original, or the original's not suitable for some reason that's valid to them? That's how I settled on a Synergy rig 12 months ago. For me, it wasn't a "better...
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    You can now Ditch your Marshalls

    As long as it isn't the module itself that goes down, there is a way to run them with a cheaper backup amp. Grab a SYN-1 enclosure, pop the module in there, and run it into your backup amp's FX loop. The enclosures also support a 4-cable method so that you can use your backup amp's preamp too...
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    You can now Ditch your Marshalls

    Lots of people are GASing for both of Marshall's two new amps - the Studio Vintage and Studio Classic. Over here, the Synergy 30W head + Plexi module + 800 module is practically the same price as buying both of those Marshall amp heads. There's less than £200 in it. The 30W head also gives you...
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    Modern Amp Heads With D.O.

    The emulation on the DO's built into amps is normally ... poor (to be polite). How about running the amp into a Two Notes Torpedo Live instead? That'll give you the XLR-direct-to-mixer that you're after *with* great sound quality. If the Torpedo Live is too expensive, you can use a Torpedo...
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    Home players: How many amps in your rotation?

    3 for me at the minute - Marshall Origin 20H into two 1x12 cabs - Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 for those blackface cleans - Acus One 8 for acoustic stuff I'm lucky enough to have my office at home, where the Origin is normally humming away most of the day. It sits on some free-standing shelving...
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    NAD: Synergy Amps

    This week, I was able to pick up a Synergy Plexi module at a great 2nd hand price. I was surprised at how different it sounds and feels to the Metro Plex module that I've had for about a year now. It sounds more like the Marshall tone in my head than the Metro Plex does. I think the two...

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