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    NGD HELP: Solder burns in control cavity?

    The internal burns are "common." I would take issue with the external burn if not disclosed.
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    In the name of God, someone lend me five large ...

    I'm here for you brotha.
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    your significant other (wife,girlfriend,husband,boyfriend ect)

    My wife's parents set us up. I raced dirt bikes with my father-in-law and on the way to a race he indicated that his daughter had taken an interest in myself. I about shit myself with no idea how to respond. Keep in mind, and I'm not kidding, she was/is the hottest gal I had ever seen, but as...
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    Amplified Nation - Ampliphonix & Gain - Freestyle Jam

    Sounds good to me. Both tone and chops.
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    Getting Rick - Rolled...

    I see what you did there.
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    Good Times Roll - LLB

    Great job. A band that works together can do great things. Vocal very good and one can tell you guys took some time sculpting guitars tones, well at least it appears that way. They all sat well in the mix without competing. Some of the hardest tones to sculpt are those you "can't" hear but add...
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    With Or Without You - LLB

    Nice guitar tonez. Keys sound great as well.
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    Feeling Satisfied - LLB

    Ebony Les Pauls are beautiful. Nice job.
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    I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you get it yet?
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    NGD- Harrison Clapton 1957 LUCY

    That axe spews RAWK!
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    I’m very sad

    I'm sorry you're sad. Start saving your pennies.
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    NGD: M2M R7 Candy Blue

    If you play on stage, I bet that color comes off interestingly under the lights. I notice from the pics there are a few "dots" on the back. Did you ask what these are? I've never seen them before. Grain, insect marks? Not that they're bad, just interested.
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    FS: D&M Drive, Ultra Phonix, SA Gemini Chorus

    All prices include shipping and fees. Source Audio Gemini Chorus - box, papers, power supply, $120 Keeley D&M Drive - box, papers, $155 Vertex Ultra Phonix Overdrive - box, $170 All mint. The photo I'm attempting to load continues to be rejected. If interested I can send pics.

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