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    It’s become quiet around Fulltone

    I've found the OCD V3 to be stellar at boosting a marshall and stacking "perfectly" with a TS in front of a clean amp.
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    Kanye West Les Paul Jam

    Show us what ya got Mr. Man.
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    Kanye West Les Paul Jam

    At what point did that seem like a good idea? I wonder how many codes were broken.
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    Did anyone here ever get a Burstdriver???

    Never heard of this run before. Good on you.
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    Some people are disgusting

    I get to observe some of the most disgusting behavior humans can dish out. Where I work the transgender movement has caused all urinals to be removed being replaced with toilets. For religious reasons we have people taking toilet paper, crumpling it up on the floor and doing their business on...
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    Kanye West Les Paul Jam

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    FS: Bartlett M-69 pickup rings

    Fudge. I always miss these sort of things.
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    Music Zoo experiences?

    Over priced.
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    2019 Wildwood Spec - A discussion

    It's beautiful. Regardless of price, or spec., if it inspires you play, the bills are paid and the family is not starving, keep it. Regarding spec.. If it's a featherweight the mahogany is different from standard reissues...but I can't recall what type or location...Fiji??
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    Marshall TSL112 100watt?

    Thanks all. As mentioned in initial post I've been offered $400. I've heard of the board issues. As this one has seen a great deal of play and was built in 2000 I wonder if it's one of the units that "made it" without having said conductive issues. I've looked for said board (issue 20) and can't...
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    Sh****t! I left my amp on......

    W What about marriage?
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    Marshall TSL112 100watt?

    100 watt 2x12 stock speakers, which I can't remember what they are.
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    Marshall TSL112 100watt?

    I have the opportunity to pull the trigger on said amp without footswitch for $400 (built in 2000). It's fully operational but I hear the ole frying egg 12ax7 thing going on. My local amp tech, if needed will go through it and retube for about $150 including a power amp mod he has performed with...