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    Epiphone Unveils New Headstock Redesign for Inspired by Gibson Line

    The Epi Jrs are one of my all-time favorite guitars, in fact. :)
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    David Lee Roth Las Vegas Residency- WTF??

    I never thought of DLR as a great singer even in the best days of VH, but wow has he gotten bad in his old age. He looks and sounds like some kind of karaoke singer who lost his grasp on reality a long time ago. I'm really amazed people will buy tickets to see him.
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    Epiphone Unveils New Headstock Redesign for Inspired by Gibson Line

    Yeah that IS Epi's rep and marketing now it seems. Whenever I think of Epiphone I immediately think of inexpensive overseas copies of Gibson guitars . In fact I like their guitars just fine, but that is how I think of them. I guess the question for Gibson is: do they want to start making...
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    Need advice: I can't afford to heat with the central unit this winter, any suggestions on cost saving ways to heat?

    Not to be a smartass OP, but dressing warmer indoors helps a lot. Wearing a sweater and as you said - long johns - should you keep you warmer. When my wife and I lived in WA State we tried space heaters one winter after reading about how great this one particular model was, but in the end it...
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    To those dealing with family members suffering from dementia/Alzheimers

    Wish you the best, OP. I don't have a family member with this disease but agree with everything you posted. Terrible thing to go through for the patient and the caretaker/s. :(
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    Cats are so weird man..

    They like couches, too. This was this morning.. :cheers2:
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    Anyone else here using/liking FB Marketplace?

    You know speaking of CL and FB Marketplace, man there are some great guitar/gear deals in my area lately. I regularly see used US made Fenders and Gibbys at really rock bottom prices. I bought my Frontman 65 for $50 recently, and it's in really clean shape. Anyone else noticed this? I'm not...
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    Anyone else here using/liking FB Marketplace?

    Yeah like I said, a lot less bottom feeder types than on CL, though I still use that site as well. I like that there are 'generally' better pics on FB Marketplace, too. Helps you weed out a lot stuff.
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    Anyone else here using/liking FB Marketplace?

    I've been using it quite a bit for last couple of months or so, though not for anything music related yet. It's come in really handy though for several items I was looking for - I bought an iron and ironing board (lol), an alarm clock, a part for my car, a camera, and TV stand recently. I like...
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    What Did Henry Juszkiewicz Get Right?

    Are the robo tuners gone now or is Gibson still putting them on some models?
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    A.I. - Will it be good or bad?

    It'll be good if you like being a slave to robot overlords, it'll be bad if you don't like being a slave to robot overlords.. :cheers2:
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    Daimler pulls the plug on ICE.

    ^I agree wholeheartedly with this assessment. 'Revolution' is right, battery technology is very primitive still, without an gigantic advancement, EVs have no real future, imho. Had Evs been pursued in earnest since the very first ones a hundred years ago we'd probably be there now. But since...
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    Speaking of loose strap buttons...

    Dipping the screw in JB Weld before screwing it in works well too.
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    Many .009 gauge LP players out there?

    I use 9's, too. :cheers2:
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    More CL fun; 1959 LP, $750

    She might not do that, but probably also has an uncle who just died and left her his '61 Stratocaster, which she'd sell you.. :cheers2: