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    Bad day for me.

    this. And no spawn no kids either....then there is nothing any woman, no matter how good the tang is can take you to the cleaners for
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    The future of guitar

    more baby metal please.....and I've not heard of this group why??? Oh that guitar synth was fucking is.
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    Guitars with tiddies... Still hot?

    one in 10000 nostalga buyers out there for this.....I wouldn't trade unless you were gonna keep it. my .02
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    Seriously? My behavior was considered PREDATORY???

    TheX I agree.......bring on the asteroid.....
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    No more Prince Harry

    Option C) Polishing the Crown Jewels
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    No more Prince Harry

    she'll go right to porn....Brazzers or Bang Bros.....'The Royal Treatment'....
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    2020 baseball

    you want to talk championship cheating/scandals....then look to the MotoGP 2015 world championship.....
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    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    I've ran into that, if you don't get audio with playing it in Windows Media Player, then download (for free, no ad or spyware) VLC video player. It plays anything pretty much and I've had audio work in VLC but not on WMP, on the same file.
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    2020 baseball

    in a big ass ballpark, where echoes are everywhere, especially in a game that hardly has ANYONE in the seats as in that video above, anything could make those noises. People will see and hear what they want to with this I guess. Sign stealing isn't against the rules, electronic means yes...
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    2020 baseball

    League found no evidence to support the buzzer shit.
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    What would the Ebay fees be on this!!?

    anyone who would try to sell such a thing on fucking EBAY deserves the ass raping fee....
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    Sellers Rant ! Idiot buyers with stupid questions !

    No, prior to the last two FS postings of my shit, I haven't sold anything in a while. I ceased being a flipper because it wasn't worth it anymore with the oversupply. Even on rarer, harder to find items, items which you would think would elicit a more 'educated' buyer, nope. The world is...
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    Critics don't like "The Rise of Skywalker". 57% on rotten tomatoes.

    DR...She has an identical twin sister.....Obi Wan was wise to hide her.....I'd plow em both....
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    Sellers Rant ! Idiot buyers with stupid questions !

    Far too many asshole scammers out there they have put me into DTA mode..... Dont Trust Anyone I refuse to answer dumb questions which aren't specifiically denoted in the ad. Read the fucking ad. And don't ask me ridiculous questions which anyone with a shred of quasi knowledge about...