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    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler< He's out of action. Tried some laps in FP3, didn't do horrible then a 10 lap stint in FP4, didn't even complete a lap in Q1 and immediately pulled into the pits and went to the trailer. You know he's sore a s...
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    Peter Green, RIP

    RIP Peter. Thanks for all the great music.
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    HM Regrets?

    I didn't regret sending my TH to HM. It came back much more 'playable' (physically speaking) but I ended up selling it because I just was never 100% happy with the way it sounded. Before and after. It was probably down to the pickups and electronics than anything HM would have done by shaving...
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    As a community - Which is better? Page Black Beauty or CC Colletti Black Beauty?

    Page BB anyday.... I wanted nothing to do with the Colletti BB CC based on his association with Music Zoo alone...fuck that store....yes I said it...
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    I heard it on the radio this morning, meh. Typical Stones if you ask me, nothing to lose my shit over....even with page on the track.
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    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler<

    well, seems as though his holiness will attempt to ride on Saturday- Taking a big unnecessary risk IMHO, he could end up worse off than just 41 points down on his closest rival (Dovi) If that bike chucks him again (as...
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    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler<

    +1 on moto3 having the nutty races! Young guns, eager to make their mark for a shot at moto2/GP....great 'racing' in moto3
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    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler<

    I am so glad Fabio finally got his win, it was well deserved and long time coming. I wouldn't have been mad if Vinales, Dovi or even Miller ended up winning, but I really wanted Fabio to finally get his win. As to MM, never one to say fuck it, I was piss-mazed he clawed his way back to 3rd but...
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    MLP Weekly Movie Club - Double Feature

    Anna was good. I love Luc Besson flicks.
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    What makes the SG have 'the thing' that the Les Paul doesnt have..

    personally to me, the difference is I've never been happy with the way an SG sounded whenever I've played it. It lacks that woody growl-n-honk you can get out of a good LP.. I've had lots of LP's cross my hands, and lots of SG's, even owned a vintage '62 LP/SG with PAF's. While it sounded...
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    Gibson hardcases, Lifton vs TKL

    Man, I'd love to have my case from my 91 studio now. It was just like that, but it had a thick plush 'throw' vs. the sheeny cover throw yours has. Very secure case imho those ones from the 90's.
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    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler<

    the whole Iannone situation is a travesty IMHO. They even admited that the amounts they found were so ridiculously low it would have given him zero advantage even if he knowingly did it, and if you're gonna amp up, then AMP up and deal with the consequences. He has said he's got nothing else...
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    Printer recommendations?

    most times you'll have to use the manual bypass tray for 11x17 ledger type. I have a laserjet 500 color and when I need to print out that size that's what I have to do. I'm amazed, that printer is about 7yrs old, and still going ok. I got it from work, was the former CFO's and he used it a...
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    Rough Day Yesterday

    sorry for your loss. Seemed like a wonderful kitty. RIP Caesar.

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