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    Church burglarized - My guitars were stolen.

    damn that sucks. Special kind of low life to pinch shit from a church. Hope you can get the word out and recover them somehow.
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    Alex Van Halen is WAY underrated.

    AVH is good but he's not in the Neil Peart realm. AVH was the right drummer or VH for sure
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    Wolf replacing Michael Anthony

    agree 100%.
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    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler<

    dovi isn't doing his title charge much help..... Even I was impressed with AM's podium, and good for him, he deserved it. I bet you still need to keep extra social distance from Miller, such a shame, would have liked to see how he ended up. Maybe 3rd, or 4th I think cuz Pol was looking really...
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    Collectors Choice aging

    well that's really nitpicking it isn't it :rolleyes: we all know it's contrived no matter what but we can all agree the FAKE aging by Murphy is better than the FAKE aging that is done in-house.
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    Collectors Choice aging

    They said CC2 was supposedly aged by TM, as was CC1 IIRC. There was no 'TM' mark on my CC2, but there was the' 'TM' on my S/A JP 59. The only other known Murhy aged artist guitar I owned which did NOT have the 'TM' was Page #1, and I don't think the aged PG had it either, but I never owned...
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    The VH concert that I would have LOVED to have seen...

    I've been a huge VH fan and literally like the both equally. They wrote better songs with Sammy imho, but were the better live/party band with Dave. 1984 is one of my fave albums, but then again, so is 5150. Granted I've only been able to see them with Dave twice, and 4x with Sammy, they're...
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    Van Halen III

    not one of their best moments....Gary WTF are you doing...
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    EVH dead at 65

    Just yesterday I looked in the morning, sweetwater still had ONE of the 25K bumblebee guitars. Not any more. Too much to sink into that, cool concept but I was contemplating ordering one of the Franky's earlier in the year and never did. Now those are on backorder. At least for the moment...
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    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler< He's out of action. Tried some laps in FP3, didn't do horrible then a 10 lap stint in FP4, didn't even complete a lap in Q1 and immediately pulled into the pits and went to the trailer. You know he's sore a s...
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    Peter Green, RIP

    RIP Peter. Thanks for all the great music.
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    HM Regrets?

    I didn't regret sending my TH to HM. It came back much more 'playable' (physically speaking) but I ended up selling it because I just was never 100% happy with the way it sounded. Before and after. It was probably down to the pickups and electronics than anything HM would have done by shaving...
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    As a community - Which is better? Page Black Beauty or CC Colletti Black Beauty?

    Page BB anyday.... I wanted nothing to do with the Colletti BB CC based on his association with Music Zoo alone...fuck that store....yes I said it...
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    I heard it on the radio this morning, meh. Typical Stones if you ask me, nothing to lose my shit over....even with page on the track.
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    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler<

    well, seems as though his holiness will attempt to ride on Saturday- Taking a big unnecessary risk IMHO, he could end up worse off than just 41 points down on his closest rival (Dovi) If that bike chucks him again (as...

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