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    Gibson R8 and Vintage Marshall SPL still good (video)?

    nice playing......sounds killer and love the double whites...
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    The Book of Boba Fett

    last two episodes were great!
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    FS: 2018 Brazilian R9 Crimson Burst

    good riddance Brady Nowhere will you get a Brazilian model this cheap....
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    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    did Brady retire yet???
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    FS: 2018 Brazilian R9 Crimson Burst

    If Brady goes back home to his beard, I mean Brazilian model wife, $500 discount.....
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    True Historics vs Post 2020 Models

    I had the 38th 59 True Historic 1959 reissue that company made in 2015 and honestly they fucked the neck up, it was totally wrong and unplayable for me. Way too thick for all their double secret probation carving marketing bullshit. I had it redone by HM based ONLY on that fact. I have one...
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    NFL 2021 Regular Season

    well ya know it's happened before in other sports.... 2015 Motogp 2021 F1 Both prime examples of fuckery amuck in denying the rightful winner...and with collusion as well. It could happen in the NFL....especially with the Raiders involved.... But hey the Bills managed to win albeit their...
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    The Book of Boba Fett

    I'm diggin jennifer beals as the twilek....she still hot!
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    James Bond went Trannie on us

    plus, bonus points if they used Charlize as she'd hit two check boxes for the PC world. female, AND African American actress.... :D
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    James Bond went Trannie on us

    if they want a female James Bond, they could have opted to go with her: She kicked some major ass in Atomic Blonde, but she's around my age so I think they missed the boat on that one. But she would have been a bad ass. Honorable mention Actresses name Sasha Luss from movie Anna (good...
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    The Book of Boba Fett

    I watched first episode..... I'm in...even thought I'm 'meh' on Boba Fett. YES I am an OG SW fan, and had his action figure in 1980 but still was never 'omg it's fucking boba fett' fan girl mentality. He was 'interesting' but I was not like omfg about him. Solo was alwasy cooler in my book...
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    Scotch Whiskey thread

    I have a bottle of 15 yr single barrel Balvenie which I open only on special occasions....about half bottle left....
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    Prices of Pearly Gates!

    I made what I had in mine on my PG VOS, but finding the person to pay top dollar for 'that' model of 'any' guitar is like a diamond in the rough. Ask too much you will be waiting to collect....Way too many tyre kicker/time wasters.... The best situation to be in is you don't 'have' to sell it...
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    I'm a watch guy now

    love it.....very true
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    Is this a R8?

    could be one of those 2008 slash sig tobacco runs, that had a mini toggle down there but I'm not sure of their serial number scheme, if it was inked or stamped. yeah obvious aesthetic changes (knobs, rings, pus, etc...) but the fact is it's stamped could mean chibson all the way too. avoid it...

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