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    NGD: All this and more for a Tele bridge pickup!

    So, a few weeks ago I got an idea in my head. I've wanted an SG Junior forever, but I just don't have the money to shell out for one. I do own a '71 SG II, which was pretty highly modded when I bought it - the original pickups and control switches were gone, newer tuners, etc. So I started...
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    Norlin Sg Junior (kinda...)

    Hey, Y'all, I believe I've made the Gibson equivalent of a unicorn - a Norlin-era SG Junior! Sorta... When I bought the guitar (early 70s SG II) from Greg at BCR a few years ago, it had already been extensively modded. The mini-humbuckers with plastic covers were gone, replaced by...
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    BTW... Its talk like a Pirate Day

    Good afternoon. We will be flying at an altitude of 32,000 feet at a speed of 400 knots. If you look out your windows to the left, you'll see the beautiful Grand Canyon.... Oh. Pirate. Sorry. - D
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    Damn, I hate Kirk Hammett's playing.

    Sometimes I want to grab that wah and beat him over the head with it. - D
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    Show your Partscasters.

    Here are two of mine... Double bound black Pawlonia body from GFS. One-piece neck from an '89 MIK Squier II Strat (crap guitar, amazing neck). Schaller tuners, Wilkinson bridge. Bridge pickup from a '73 Tele, neck pickup 'Fatbody' by GFS. I added a Hipshot B/G bender about a month ago...
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    Tele love.Show 'em.

    Two more... 2001 Squier FSR Tele, built for Sam Ash. Candy Apple Red with matching headstock. The humbucker on the neck gives me a nice 'woman tone' when I need it. This one is pretty much stock, except for a set of GFS steel saddles and a Strat switch tip: And another Partscaster -...
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    Tele love.Show 'em.

    My latest Partscaster... Body: GFS double bound black, Pawlonia. Neck: Taken from an '89 MIK Squier II Strat. The guitar was straight crap, the neck is one of the best Fender necks I've ever played. Pickups: '73 Tele bridge, GFS Fatbody neck. Bridge: Wilkinson Tuners: Schaller sealed...
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    For those of you who like STICKERS on guitars

    CJ from the Wildhearts has the most stickered-up guitar I've ever seen. It's a Gibson Lucille. - D
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    There was a convo between Gemma and Unser where Unser said 'He still ain't right.' That gives me the feeling that Tig's going to be driving a lot of the action this season. The crooked Sacto cop made a point of asking how many of the Iranians were hurt as soon as he found out what happened...
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    1979 Fender Twin Reverb w/Factory JBL Speakers

    For sale: A 1979 Fender Twin Reverb with factory installed JBL 'Orange Basket' D120F speakers. Silverface, with minor cosmetic wear. The legendary power and tone of the Twin is all there. This amp is loud and clear! In 1977, Fender kicked the wattage on the Twin from 100 watts to a blistering...
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    Squier VM Cabronita? Sign me up!

    I may have to buy one of these. I've always wanted a Cab, and the price is right. - D
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    Nobody mentioned Clay wanting to cut a deal to save his ass? That's gonna be a problem. And I predict the marshal is going to OD - either by his own hand or something along the lines of what Jax did to Wendy last season. And Tig's future is back up in the air now, with Clay cutting a deal and...
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    political threads

    Thanks for the clarification. You had me goin' there for a minute. :applause: I don't mind anyone expressing their opinions, and I don't even mind a good spirited political debate when one comes up. But the second it gets down to exchanging talking points, I'm out. And that's what most...
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    political threads

    I'm not entirely sure I'm getting your point here. Help me out. - D
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    political threads

    Yeah, I want only one type of poster here. Riiiiiiight. I left this joint for a couple of years rather than try to stop people who don't agree with me from saying whatever the hell they felt like. Sorry for oppressing everyone's free speech in such a vile manner. Maybe it's time to bail...