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    SG badly repaired headstock

    Maybe this is of interest? Brian Howards blog post about making a new neck while keeping the fretboard and much of the original headstock.
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    Rickenbacker 660 - Tom Petty tribute build

    Did you finish this one? I'm on the fence between six och twelve strings. Will a twelve string be neck heavy?
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    3D Printed Les Paul Junior

    I built a similar guitar a couple of years ago, a cheap no name guitar that took ages to make. I used proper mahogany and rosewood but it's still worthless. The majority of the builds in this forum are a complete waste considering the time consumed and the market value of the finished...
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    3D Printed Les Paul Junior

    Will that neck really hold up to string pressure? There's the fret board and the carbon strips but they are on the wrong side to make much of a difference. I'm totally unfamiliar with the plastic and its strength and how well glue adheres to it but if I were to manufacture anything with that...
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    Bridge slant mod for Epiphone Casino (lefty conversion)

    These guitars are fully hollow, right? Are the bridge posts just pins with a flange resting on the top?
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    57 Futura build

    I also have a coouple questions about the finish. Didn't the paper clog on you while using a sander? Did you wet sand and buff before it went into the freezer?
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    Information on alkyd finish needed

    If I might hijack the thread a bit, I have a related question: Can you spray nitro clear on top of alkyd or acrylic? I'm building a guitar for my girlfriend, sha originally wanted sea foam green but then of course changed her mind and now wants a pale, pastel yellow, and the only nitro spray can...
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    63 Les Paul Neck Find

    You only need to find a (somewhat) matching body. When you do, be sure to show us your work.
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    Need to modify my Telecaster - any hidden traps?

    I don't have the guitar here to measure it but I have the blueprint I used on this computer, it says 5/8" deep neck pocket and I have no reason to believe I got that wrong when building. I usually measure not twice but four or five time before cutting wood. I think the neck is the culprit. Not...
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    Has this guitar had a headstock repair?

    Google "epiphone scarf joint" and you will find they have done it both ways. The pic below is an SG. It's possible your guitar has badly glued scarf joint. The lines are clean and in the right place. If it was a break I think it would be visible all the way around, and If the scarf joint was...
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    Has this guitar had a headstock repair?

    In the second image it looks like a scarf joint. Clean lines. Is the line straight all the way until it reaches the headstock edge?
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    Need to modify my Telecaster - any hidden traps?

    Actually this is getting to me a bit. So many options: - Take a bit more wood out of the heck pocket. Will look strange. - Sand an angle to the heel. Difficult and risky and will require partial refinishing. - Order a shim. That's cheating. - Longer bridge height screws. Not easy to find with...
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    Need to modify my Telecaster - any hidden traps?

    Dirty deed's done, I deepened the pocket 1.5 mm, no problems at all, but it's not enough and I don't want to go deeper. It would look funky with the side dots almost touching the pick guard. So I'm leaning against your method. It would require me to refinish the underside of the heel but that's...
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    Need to modify my Telecaster - any hidden traps?

    You read my thoughts. Masking tape on the template and then clean up the corners with a chisel.
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    Need to modify my Telecaster - any hidden traps?

    I would consider it if this was a set neck guitar, but now there's high gloss nitro on of the heel and sanding would mean spraying new finish and all the trouble that comes with that. The bottom of the neck pocket is just plain ash, no finish and no stamps, nothing. 60 seconds with the router, done.