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    Bare Knuckle pickups-What’s the deal?

    For the money Wolfetone Dr Vintage or Legends… i had a pair of those Mules in a R8… i prefer the wolfetones. I have em in 4 Lesters…
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    *Wolfetone Dr Vintage in 5 Jibson R9s/R8s *Wolfetone P90 mean and meaner in ‘58 RI Junior *Wolfetone legends in a Jibson Korina xplorer *Wolfetone Marshallhead II bridge with Dr Vintage neck in Jibson Korina V *Mojotone Historic 59 set in a R8 these are hands down my favorite set of PAFs
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    FS~Murphy Painted LP '59 Reissue - Awesome Top!

    Another shot... plenty more pics available
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    FS~Murphy Painted LP '59 Reissue - Awesome Top!

    I’m on the fence with this one... 2018 vos ‘59 Reissue Great condition never left my home Currently has Wolfetone Pups installed stock pups not available $6500 in my pocket shipped. I pack very well and ship fast. On Reverb with more pics...
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    SOLD>>>Brand New - King of Tone

    aww... for fux sake
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    Custom Buckers - not a fan? Am I the only one?

    I rusually remove the magnets from the Jibson stock pups and use them to hold stuff on my fridge... then I put in functioning AND useable pups from anyone of the aftermarket makers...:wave:
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    FS ~ Cutthroat Audio Little Wing - Champ Killer

    $1100 Like new absolute champ killer Please reply to email [email protected]
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    FS ~ Milkman 5w Stack

    $1050 shipped CONUS Excellent condition sounds great no issues NO TRADES Please email for payment info. [email protected]
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    FS - Hamer Talladega Custom Order

    One off custom build. $5100 net in my pocket shipped/insured. Excellent condition minimal playing wear. Full details & Link here:
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    Friedman Dirty Shirley 40

    Those DSs kick [email protected]@!!!
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    WTB Fake 58 Shrunken Tuners...

    Here’s some...

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