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    Its entertainment using real life people. You are either entertained by it or not. If you expect it to show real life events, that's not what the "realty" generally means. Its real people often thrown in situations for entertainment value. Shows like Deadliest Catch and Gold Rush are...
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    Scarcity of .22 cal. ammo?

    People are scarfing up those rounds fast as retailers are getting them and selling them on the internet for $$$. At least that is what my local store says.
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    WW II Door Gunner

    The movie "Memphis Belle" might be worth checking out. It shows a B-17 's 25th mission.
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    Just ordered a new eleven rack with NO software - recommendations?

    Cubase will recognize it but you won't be able to edit patches via the PC without Protools. I don't have PT installed.
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    Updating To iOS 7 Now...

    7.0.1 is out already.
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    What tuning do you use and why?

    I use standard for most stuff, C# standard when I like to play some old Sabbath and for E flat standard, I actually take an MP3 and adjust the pitch up to standard. Talk about lazy! LOL
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    Young Lead Zepplin

    That's Tony Iommi on the right!
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    EDS-1275 Doubleneck build

    The kluson tuners should be ok. But I can assure you that the 4 pups and 2 bridges would never suffice to balance 18 Grovers or Schallers. My 78 dblneck had the 3/6 on a plate tuners and they didn't work too well so I installed some Schallers. The thing became extremely neck heavy to the point...
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    EDS-1275 Doubleneck build

    Use light weight tuners. Something like Schaller M6 mini's will weigh down the necks way too much.
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    New Song from Sammy Hagar

    They were planning to get together for a reunion show. Then Ronnie Montrose killed himself. :(
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    Heart Cath

    My heart cath saved my life. Now, I exercise daily and watch my diet so I don't have to have another one. Not that the cath was bad, it wasn't, but I don't want nothing to do with the reason for having to have one.
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    RIP Andy Johns 4/7/13

    RIP Andy Johns. But who is Andy JONES? ;)
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    Why are used R7's so cheap?

    I heard that will be a good year!:fingersx:
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    Black Sabbath - 13

    I bought my cd at Walmart on 6/9/13. I think they put it in the rack when they weren't supposed to.
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    Does hanging guitar by headstock affect the neck?

    I think a person needs to remove a guitar from its hanger, measure the relief, set guitar in a floor stand for a few days, re-measure the relief and note the difference, if any. You may find a difference but does this constitute any harm? I don't think so. But like Freddy says, hanging a guitar...

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