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    I REALLY want to buy a 2015 LP Titanium, Zero nut....

    I have one in brass, not titanium, if all else fails and you need it just let me know. Another option, hand cut
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    Guitar with a Les Paul bridge/tailpiece but Fender scale length?

    The Johnny A guitars, both Gibson and Epiphone are fender scale.
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    Ebay Dropping PayPal

    every guilty buyer "set free" = a convicted and fined honest seller.
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    Aged binding.

    I think they start with white binding and bare wood, paint the binding "gold" and then paint the wood black. Photo is a Epi custom neck being sanded. You can see the layers.
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    Medical Marijuana Card

    Well, I got my card and made the first trip to the dispensary. I got a 19:1 tincture for pain, and am hoping it works, but I will wait a week to form a conclusion.
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    If Life In The US Becomes Untenable

    I'm going to buy land in Appalachia, a large lot, with lots of privacy, but no guard dogs, the pigs wold just eat them.
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    Medical Marijuana Card

    Should have mine soon. I registered and got the approved Doctor's certification. I did not have to provide any proof that I had any of the qualifying medical problems. So now I wait for the state to mail my card to me, then I can register with the dispensary. It was a fairly smooth process here...
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    Does anyone here actually find General Lee's flag and the flying of it offensive?

    I am from the north, don't care for it, But consider the 250,000 confederate dead, most NOT slave owners, their families lives where destroyed and all they had to remind them of those man and that past was a folded flag. I don't think slavery and treason are what the flag meant to the 1/4...
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    So they want to rename Columbus, Ohio to Flavortown

    There are a lot of abandoned townes in sw PA. Town names up for grabs, and if your idea of flavor is hot spicy food, that includes the ghost town of ..... Stoolfire. Just a suggestion.
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    Anatomy of a traffic stop

    I always viewed a ticket as a business transaction. I pull over, I have the 3 pieces of paper ready. Window down and engine turned off. When asked, "do you know why I pulled you over" I always respond that I was not paying attention but I imagine that I was speeding. I have never admitted to a...
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    String Change Frequency

    Once a week a string change and "deep clean" of one guitar, that works out to once every nine weeks for each guitar. Not often enough by Gibson standards.
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    Crack in neck joint. Critical or not?

    the Epi Les Paul neck is 2 pieces thick at that end and it looks like the seam between those two pieces is where your crack is at. Return it if you can.
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    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    When I was drafted I had to walk into a gas filled room, Just to be sure I got a lung full of the gas. I had too take off my mask and give them name, rank and service number. If research where to prove that tear gas kills covid. I would get back in that line. But it doesn't. Remember the "OK"...
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    SO? how many of you are cutting your wife's hair. Or, are you sticking with the safer extreme sports?
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    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    I am north of Pittsburgh, I have an acre and some of it it's landscaped and another part wooded. Cabin fever isn't a problem. I can sit by the pond and listen to the birds. Something I have not been able to do since they stared fracking in this area. Our Governor set up the "social distancing"...

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