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    Gibson Flying V Faded Cherry 2008 *Upgraded* w/ Case

    Will ship for to CONUS, add $50 for payapl and shipping. Local pickup and cash preferred. "For sale: the guitar of your dreams. An evil riff machine built for the meanest of players in the freakin' US of A, hippies. This guitar has been modified with: 1) Vibrola bridge (for trippy vibrato...
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    What's your favourite Les paul custom color?

    Heritage Cherry Sunburst is my favorite LP color, period.
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    Les Paul Classic Love: Show It Off

    My '00 in action. I acquired it in '05 and used it as my main ever since. The Dimarzios were a short lived experiment...
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    What Picks are you Using?

    like a jazz iii but bigger with a better grip. extremely happy.
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    Least descriptive tone descriptors.

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    Heavy Alternative Rock/Modern Rock Guitar Tone

    I second the guy who said Blackstar. A new HT Club 40 would only run you about $600 and used less than that.
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    Brand new LesPaul with very crooked tailpiece

    it just looks like ****ty setup. it could have been a return or it could have been friday at the Gibson factory. you could get it setup by a professional or just do it yourself if it is bothering you but i wouldn't go nuts over it; guitars were made to be adjustable.
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    Why No Blowouts on the 2015 Line of Gibson Les Paul's

    We still have a few left at Chuck Levin's in MD, call us: 301 946 8808. We can even replace the robo tuners on them free of charge for some klusons if you like. EDIT: and yes we are blowing them out.
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    Is this Les Paul Custom worth it?

    That is a fair price on a good condition Custom from that year. I paid about as much for my '98 and it was worth every penny. Best playing LP by far.
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    Slash fans! Limited Edition 2013 Rosso Corsa Les Paul MINT

    Bump - great guitar - make me an offer!
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    Slash Vermillion

    Seriously... between the TonePros upgraded hardware, the Duncans and the lightweight body, it kicks the ass of any LP Standard. Incredibly resonant for such a lightweight LP. I have one for sale btw! (A Rosso Corsa) :naughty...
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    Slash fans! Limited Edition 2013 Rosso Corsa Les Paul MINT

    Sold!! Luckily I have one more available that I found in the basement! Same condition, MINT, with OHSC and all candy. Asking $3,000 shipped. Don't miss out!
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    Slash fans! Limited Edition 2013 Rosso Corsa Les Paul MINT

    If you are looking at this ad, you probably know what this guitar is. Instant Slash tone! Highly collectible for Slash fanatics, or otherwise just one of the best playing and sounding Les Pauls you can get! We are letting this mint condition 2013 model go for $3,000 including shipping! I cannot...

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