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    Wizz Pearly Gates pickups

    You might be thinking of a different set (Cream T Whiskerbuckers?). These just came out.
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    Naga Viper & Orange Amps?

    I’ve been in your situation except I have a Dual Terror. I love the Orange sound but just wanted a little extra presence. Tried all kinds of pedals…but it changed the sound too much. If you’re running your Dark Terror into a V30 cab (PPC112?) then I will recommend a speaker swap. If you’re after...
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    Wizz Pearly Gates pickups

    New from Wizz: Doesn’t say much about the specs. I’d be interested to see how they compare to the other recreations out there. I have the Premium PAF clones in my R9 and love them…but these are tempting also!
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    Sanity check - Shaft Length on 2020 R8 Pots (Wiring Harness Replacement)

    Pretty sure it’s short shaft:
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    The Super Distortion: Old vs New (DiM) Mods? - Cheaper Clones?

    Never tried this one but Manlius pickups makes a clone:
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    Hly Sht Jerry Reed is a Beast! A damn BEAST!

    Great thread! Here are two more recent guys that I really dig from Nashville:
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    How blown away will I be?

    The biggest difference you will notice is the feel. I have a LP Traditional and an R9. Also owned/sold a few others Gibson USA and Historic guitars. I hate to generalize because there can be a good amount of variation among Historics themselves…but to me my LP Traditional is more of the standard...
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    Do unpotted burstbuckers exist?

    Yep. They actually came in my 2021 R9 instead of Custombuckers. I replaced them with a set of Wizz pickups though. I sold off the unpotted BB1 neck, but I still have the unpotted BB2 bridge. The BB2 bridge sounded fantastic…but my R9 worked better with the Wizz set. PM if you’re interested in...
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    NGD!! Rick Neilsen Les Paul!

    Congrats!!! I wanna plug into all your amps at once and have a Back To The Future moment!
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    NGD: March 2022 1957 ML ULA Goldtop

    Congrats! I bet she sounds nice through that Germino!
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    ‘20 r8 vs ‘09 R8 - the dilemma!

    The ‘09 also has some years on it now. All my older guitars (meaning 10-15 years old) seem to have opened up more acoustically, which can translate well when plugged in. Of course it could be all in my head, but I swear my 335 sounds way better than it did for the first couple years I had it...
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    Slash Alnico II Pro neck with a Dimarzio Super Distortion

    Actually yes, it could be too boomy. Because I once had a LP Custom that was like that as well in the low mids, with the Super D/36th combo and I did not like the 36th in there. So maybe give the PAF Pro a try! I would be interested to hear the results as well.
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    Slash Alnico II Pro neck with a Dimarzio Super Distortion

    I don’t have any experience with the PAF Pro, but that is also a classic combo with a Super D. Good thing is if you buy new, you can exchange it through DiMarzio if you don’t like it. Does your Custom have a lot of mids acoustically or is it more scooped? That might help your decision. I had...
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    Slash Alnico II Pro neck with a Dimarzio Super Distortion

    I would get the 36th neck to go with the Super D. I’ve had that combo in many guitars and it works great!

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