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    NGD! New 2020 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul

    Congrats, the PF ist killer and your collection is too :dude: Is your wall hanging system DIY?
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    Now thats a NGD i like. Fantastic, congrats :dude: Looks like an "old" reissue case? Why is this? :hmm:
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    NGD Gibson Explorer B-2

    Maybe my 2019 Explorer had the same much pickup cable. The employee solved this quick.....Living in germany i asked Gibson europe how this is even possible. The answer from mother USA: at this stage of progress on the line there is no chance QC can find out.......
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    So bummed out!

    I think so too. Bought 4 Gibson since 2017 and 3 of them had strange flaws (2 Explorer, 1 SG). Only the last one, a 50th Les Paul Standard P90 Goldtop was nearly perfect. May i ask what was wrong with your Explorer? Sorry, little offtopic :bowdown Joe, your replacemet looks cool. Have fun...
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    Keeping track of mods

    Most important, you know the parts are somewhere in there....... :)
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    Keeping track of mods

    Case and this..... :hmm: Yours better :rofl:
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    2019 Original Collection Gold Top P90s Demo

    Cool video, thx for that. I have mine for half a year now and it is a great playing and sounding guitar. And after years of questionable QC issues, Gibson made this one right with no building flaws. As a humbucker guy who never really find love for a Strat, i also had doubt about the P90. But...
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    Gibson's First Authorized Boutique Builder

    I dont get it. Gibson allows other builders to build guitars that they dont build but for what "we" are still waiting: '58 Korina Explorer' s and V' s. They still make them "wrong" and go on with that. I understand, now they can knock on "design thief" doors. What a joke.
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    Pickguard Bracket Screw Scratched My Les Paul's Body

    38 years ago my reaction also was like "oh no....." :hmm: .....and today i noticed THIS :rofl:
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    Why the maple sheet between the pancaked mahogany?

    ah, i always asked myself why the heck there is this little stripe (´81 custom, no pancake of course). This would explain.
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    The new 'Show off your Epi' thread!

    Sn.....37 and .....38
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    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    thx m8 :) i divorce judgement was like hell, but after one R8 i will not lost another guitar to this shit. My girlfriend agreed with me totaly :dude:
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    Popular artist Bursts

    :) ur right.....
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    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    Had never thought about that :hmm: Sometimes im looking for an AR30 in black to fill the case.....was a good guitar back then and my first "real" electric guitar (the "herti-caster" was not). So, for sentimental reasons i guess not :)
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    Just for fun: ´81 Custom :)

    mh, i always thought: "Shaws should be stamped "137/138 372/373 498/499" followed by the date..." Is this wrong? I know the white plastic and the rough magnet is a dead give away, but i wasn´t sure all the years :hmm:

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