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    Dave was right and Boom goes the Trans thread!

    Though European presence in the Middle East was lower than the "East" itself (as to why I put the "middle" in parentheses) it's actually ignorant to say that there was no European involvement in the Middle East. There were many trade routes, fortifications, villages etc. under different...
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    Dave was right and Boom goes the Trans thread!

    If enslaving people, destroying the natural resources outside of the ones we wanted in Europe and forcing religious and puritan practices on free people seems like a good idea to you, I don't know what you think a bad idea is. Europeans (British, Portugese, Spanish and Dutch people especially)...
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    Chase Bliss on the way }-) Discussion Thread

    Sshhh! What are you thinking?! Keep it quiet before Bonamassa and his friends hear you! Midi?! Delay?! They don't like that kind of talk! Just kidding! Nice pedal, I'd like one, one day!
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    NAD Vox ac4c1-12

    My old ac4tv really went along with a Zendrive, maybe give that a shot..! Nice amp.
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    New EMG Pickups

    That's almost 25 years ago!
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    Best bang for the buck electric archtop???

    I'd say Godin. Look lovely, sound lovely.
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    Opaque colors with Tru-Oil

    What you could do ( and many, including myself) have done, is using milkpaint. Tru-oil over it for durability and shine. Feels great, looks great, works great!
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    Anyone know anything about this cab

    I had the 2x12 combo. Speakers are nothing to write home about, pretty sure the cab will be particle board as the combo was. You say speakers can be changed but if you want to go trough all that hassle and money, just get a good empty cab from the get go.. Pretty sure you can find an empty...
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    Dad's 68 Tele

    Nice guitar man! Nice to see a guitar with a story.. A legacy! It's yours now, do whatever the **** you want with it, your dad did the same! ;) It can't be restored to original anyway without some major body work! And then it's just like any old Tele, what's the fun in that?! Enjoy that...
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    Oh help me MLP, you're my only hope!

    I never double posted this slow..
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    Oh help me MLP, you're my only hope!

    DONT run a 16 ohm out into a lower load, you'll blow up the output transformer.
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    Boss RC-30 Question

    Yes you can do that! Or just get a second Ditto! ;) They're small enough to fit two!
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    I went out to buy a new bedroom amp last saturday..

    Yea it's a heavy beast to lug around! One of the heaviest amps I've ever carried! Yea the speakers suprised me! I was afraid they would be like most of the other "Custom Celestion's" that a lot of amp manufacturers use, but these rock! That's a hand built AC50 in a Maquis headshell (old...
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    Rotary switch wiring help

    Sure! Anything you say to get this working man! :thumb:
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    I went out to buy a new bedroom amp last saturday..

    A little backstory, I'm planning on moving out soon(ish), and if all goes well I'll have a new home before the end of the year! Because of this I decided I should have a smaller amp than my 100w Blackstar because it just doesn't do not-loud, it can go slightly loud, louder and loud but soft...

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