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    Gibson 2019 Models All Leaked On Its Own Website

    I work in website development. It's far easier to copy an existing website into a new one, rather than seed everything with new data from scratch. Just like those MSRPs are probably nothing more than across the board placeholders, so too could be the listed specs, stats, colors, and photos. I...
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    The "Bella Voce" Les Paul

    Liar! That one is #4 of 6, so there can't be 7! ;)
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    Grounding, static and warranty

    First two digits of the serial number.
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    Robot guitar issue (Pickups)

    Doh! I blame Dave for the necropost. :lol:
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    Robot guitar issue (Pickups)

    The poles are closer together on the neck pickup and spaced farther apart on the bridge pickup.
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    Looking to buy a Gibson LP Traditional

    I'd stay away from 2015. Aside from the goofy 100th birthday script and hologram, it also had a wider neck and fretboard, zero fret nut, and g-force. Either look at pre-2015 Trads, or for 16 and up, sounds like you want the 'T' model over 'HP'.
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    498T in LP Menace...different?

    498T should be in the 13k range. It seems more likely that you got something else with the SG.
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    NGD- Please help me identify my 'find.' Thinking GC underpriced this CS LP

    I'm just taking the seller for his word. If you got a problem with his ad, bring it up with him.
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    NGD- Please help me identify my 'find.' Thinking GC underpriced this CS LP

    Well it's definitely a Class 5. I just looked at eBay completed auctions and there's only 2 recently, one went for $2499 and the other listed as having "some dings" went for $1650 -
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    Lacquer peeling- any way to stop it?

    I haven't tried this out but it looks like it would work.
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    Need,appreciate help picking LP Studio

    Nope, not by a longshot. Almost all the Studio Lites have ebony boards and they came in all different colors. Studio Metallic series of early 2000's had ebony boards and no inlays. Different runs of limited editions like the Studio Platinum and LP Menace also had ebony boards. There's actually...
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    Possible Double Cut purchase... but I need info -

    What?!? It literally says: That's not a question of model, that's a statement of "I think it's real but I'm not sure because of these two things"
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    LP Custom Hot or Not

    Good catch. I want to call it the Adam West Signature now.
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    WTB: Looking for some LP BFG hardware

    Hi all, I'm looking for the black nickel hardware from a stock BFG: the bridge (+ studs and inserts) and tailpiece (+ studs). Already have the tuners. If you happen to have a set, let me know. Or, if you have a BFG and have been thinking of swapping yours out for something else, now's your...

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