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    James Brotörhead

    That's exactly why, too many people are afraid of prison and lawsuits (rightfully so sadly), not enough place putting in the world.
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    James Brotörhead

    What a pleasant young lady. Seriously though that's not the type of attitude I would expect from people who definitely just got caught smoking pot. Swimming my ass.
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    James Brotörhead

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    Red Snapper

    So this isn't a thread about lawn mowers?
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    When Eddie Van Halen Played on that Steely Dan Song

    Couldn't hurt, cheesy elevator music really could use more distortion and a wall of plexis
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    Motivation video - Comfortably Numb (PULSE) after my first 6 months of self teaching the guitar

    You seem to have a very natural ability to finger pick. Piano player? Regardless, you are miles ahead of where I was by that time, keep going man! You're past the hard bit, now is when it truly gets fun.
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    It said "MAKE AN OFFER"

    Meaning what exactly?
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    It's not that I don't care...

    Beat me to it. I don't know why there is a compulsive need to share deaths of people you have never met. Besides attention. Is it sad? Sure. Does it matter? No. We all die, that is one of the few things we all truly have in common.
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    that is one impressive stairwell

    What the hell? The Halo song doesn't have words! Seriously though, damn.
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    So she whips off her top...

    I do like them topless
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    Man, Jim Root has some patience!

    If I remember correctly it is a silverburst firebird or explorer, can't remember the model exactly.
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    This is a stickup! Put all the chicken in the bag.

    Not yet, at the moment he's still free-range.
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    It's time for your solo...

    Toggle switches and independent volume controls were invented for a reason... And then people learned they could dial that shit in for a bitchin' solo tone.
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    Being the "annoying customer"

    I've always found that staying calm and speaking rationally and politely will get you much further with someone you essentially need help from. Not saying certain occasions don't justify some 'tude but that's more appropriate when being ripped off, lied to, etc. As yet another person in this...
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    Awesome Jackets for Guitar Players

    My favorite is that any time you see a commercial with syrup, it's actually motor oil.

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