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    Drop-in Harness Question

    I just joined this forum yesterday and so far I am blown away at the speediness of responses. Thanks for all the input people.
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    Drop-in Harness Question

    I appreciate the feedback guys...and to Matt, I was actually looking specifically at the "Holy Grail" setup you guys do. I just wanted to make sure that the distance and placement of the epi's components were the same or close enough to the Gibson spec, not only with the pots but also the input...
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    Drop-in Harness Question

    I have an Epiphone G-400 and was wondering about upgrades. I have looked at many of the options out there for pre-wired drop-in electronics replacements. They are marked for use in Gibson SG's, but will they work in Epi's too. I wasn't sure if they were close enough in design that they would be...
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    PC vs Porta

    Porta's are kind of like payphones these days, you can still find one and they can still make calls, but who really needs one. Not that there is anything wrong with them. If it's someones preference then do what makes you happy, but how many people don't own a PC these days. The nice thing is...
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    Beginner Interface Sugestions

    Yes Sweetwater is a fantastic place...I personally spent some time working among it's ranks. I have had both a UX1 and a UX2. I honestly enjoyed both of them. Are they top shelf units? No, but they have their place as useful devices for people who need a "swiss army knife" of capabilities...
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    Problem With Recording At Home

    I would check the input/output levels from the gearbox software and then check the input level coming into Abelton. Also make sure that everything you are hearing in Gearbox is also being recorded to the program. In other words, if you are using a reverb in Gearbox but it is not being sent...
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    Questions! - Drum/beats software and integration with other software

    Yes most drum software are considered VST instruments and they can drop into an instrument/midi track just as a VST effect can drop into an audio track. There are many different softwares to choose from, but from what I can tell from your experience level, Addictive Drums would be the one that...

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