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    Custombucker replacements, which Throbaks?

    I just want to second the callout to ReWind pickups. James literally wrote the book on P.A.F.s. I originally ordered a set for my '89 Les Paul in an effort to get something closer to the original P.A.F.s in my '62 Les Paul/SG, and the Low Output A2 ReWinds nail it. In the end I ended up using a...
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    Collapsing bridge....

    For what it's worth, I've swapped all of my bridges/tailpieces ('67 ES-335, '74 Les Paul, '89 Les Paul) over to Faber. Huge improvements over stock and a really great authentic look and feel.
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    Anyone tried an A2 bridge with an A5 neck?

    I wrote another post on here about my experience with ReWind pickups ( ) . But after extensive research and hours of audio samples, I had James build me a low output PAF set with an A5 in the neck and an A2 in the bridge. I love this...
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    The Norlin Threat

    I think the bigger question is around the current crop of Custom Shop guitars (Fender as well as Gibson). I own some Golden Era Gibsons, some Norlin Era Gibsons, some 80's "Things are getting better" Gibsons, and out of all of those, some of these new Custom Shop guitars play as good if not...
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    Can’t Be Real - Something Fishy Going On

    Also, as an owner of a Les Paul from this generation, I can tell you that the truss cover "Standard" font is wrong.
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    Plain tops need love too

    Nothing but love for plain tops. These two are Standards from '74 and '89.
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    ReWind P.A.F. Pickups

    Looks better with those pickups in there ;)
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    ReWind P.A.F. Pickups

    100% original finish. Very little wear. Original plastics and knobs. Grover tuners. And new pots, caps, and pickups. All of the original pieces saved in the big ol' box in the basement, of course!
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    ReWind P.A.F. Pickups

    Here they are in Dad's '74 Les Paul.
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    Les Paul wiring HELP

    The ground wire should go into the body and it gets pinched between the wood and the stop tail piece bushings. I doubt that's your problem unless you pulled it out too far. It sounds to me like you have the wires touching somewhere they shouldn't be and grounding out. I had this same problem...
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    ReWind P.A.F. Pickups

    Hey all, this is my first post, so first and foremost, greetings! Long time reader, first time posting. I had originally heard of James Finnerty when I bought his book, "The Gibson "P.A.F." Humbucking Pickup: From Myth to Reality". It's pretty much everything you could ever want to know about...

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