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    Historic Announcement

    hey hey lets give this guy a chance... you never know...:thumb:
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    Best guitar lessons ??????

    Free guitar lessons : Complete Beginners Method and loads of Blues, Jazz and rock : Learn how to play Guitar free here! for tabs, I like to use Guitar Pro Tabs With Online Player | Songsterr Guitar Tabs
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    First post, but CHECK THIS OUT!

    I don't think they were for sale...
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    Playing a Les Paul upright

    You could try playing your guitar in a classical position so that when you stand up, it'll be a bit more easier.
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    Finally, After 6 Years, My Les Paul is coming Home!

    reunited at last. :)
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    Help me take this guy down

    I personally think that you should leave him alone and not get involved in this. You never know what this could lead to
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    My '59 wannabe - Lots of pictures!

    That's awesome! Do you mind telling us what you did to the guitar?
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    MY First 2 Lesters!!

    Wow that is :dude:. Have fun with your new toys!
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    Opinions please: if you could pick only one...

    The standard or marshall
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    Great Story 1st Gibby Paul

    Great story bro! Enjoy your Gibby!:dude:
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    Acoustics. GAS me.

    Go for a seagull or cort. :)
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    New tuning discovery!!

    Cool. But I still rely on my good old korg. :)
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    1990 Standard - Sam Ash Custom Shop

    Wow! Good score :)

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