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    U.S.P.S. rant

    priority shipping and express mail are both slower than first class mail . Makes no sense to me but its true
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    2020 Soldano SLO FS/FT

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    2020 Soldano SLO FS/FT

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    2020 Soldano SLO FS/FT

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    EVH 5150III LBXII 15-watt Tube Head

    I bought this new from GC and I used it at low volumes on the 7watt setting in church on Wednesdays and Sundays.This is the 2 channel version that has concentric pots for volume and gain. It still has the plastic on the logo.Its as close to mint as it gets. Includes a non-factory footswitch. GC...
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    if you never got enough Jellyfish or Imperial Drag...

    The wife likes it. I'm meh. It doesn't suck so that's a good thing. Just not really my thing. I can listen to it which says a lot. but I wouldn't buy it
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    Chelsea Manning hospitalized after suicide attempt

    They used to shoot traitors .If this was still the case we wouldn't be discussing this.
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    Oil just hit $31 a barrel - next stop $22

    The guy in charge of my mother in law's trust is buying stock like its going out of style . He bought 1000 shares of carnival cruise lines yesterday at $16 per share. I don't know what it normally sells for but if it doesn't go belly up I would think she's gonna make some money on that
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    Medical Marijuana Card

    Not me , I want to keep my carry permit
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    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Its this kind of thinking that's part of the problem. My wife went to the store yesterday to get some toilet paper. The shelves were bare except for Charmin and there was a sign that said 2 pack limit . These are the big packs they sell at BJ's . So she got 2 it cost $80 for F^&%ing toilet paper...
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    Best position for man cave

    If you have a basement and part of it is below ground level then on that end of the basement is what would block the noise the best
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    Best position for man cave

    never cared for the term "man cave " sounds like where your boyfriend parks his junk during coitus. As for a music room, my vote would be where ever the noise can be contained the best.
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    What is your next target? (guitars only)

    I'm actually thinking about a Fender HM strat. The 17" radius and the fact that they are made in japan really intrigue me. Yea I know I will probably have to change the pups and put an OFR in to replace the cheap FR special but if the neck and build are up it par it would be worth it.
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    And for your Sunday enjoyment

    how exactly do you remove a vagina? If you scoop it out you have created a bigger vagina. If you cut the lips off you have created a mute vagina. So I figure they just sewed it shut. So go in and snip the thread and its open for business again

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