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    It's Official - a new 2019 Les Paul Standard! Pic included!

    May get one of these- if the price is right, however, if these are over 9lbs I'm going to have to think more..
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    60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Wonder when these will be available?????????
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    2018 Gibson Custom Historic Collection

    Looking forward to an extensive review from you!
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    Henry possibly discontinuing Custom Shop Reissues??

    uhhh no thanks..ughhh
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    Henry possibly discontinuing Custom Shop Reissues??

    Yeah where are all these $2k R8s??? Where? Always talk about $3k R9s- where? People have been wanting quite abit more than those prices everytime I look for the past couple years..
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    Henry possibly discontinuing Custom Shop Reissues??

    How expensive are these M2M guiares? Higher pried than Historics(used to be-now)..wonder what Gibson will charge now for these?
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    Henry possibly discontinuing Custom Shop Reissues??

    As it looks to me NO more designation R8, R9, etc- just custom shop built Standards that have all the appontments like the previous historics- simplified down to not claiming they are 1959 replicas, etc??
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    Henry possibly discontinuing Custom Shop Reissues??

    Truly amazing but i CAN see it as true- but only for a period of time....maybe this year? They produced some and were told to the 2017 s made will probably be inflated in price as "last of the line" guitars!:D
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    NAMM 2017 Historic Line

    Sales must have been bad the last couple years How do TH buyers who shelled out that much cash feel about the END of that line and essentually the same guitar this year will be THOUSANDS less??? I applaud Gibson for at least coming back to earth...:hmm:
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    Custom Shop Guitars actually that much better than USA models??

    YES Historics superior in every way..USA stuff looks cheaper and not "refined"
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    FS: Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R8 2016

    TH quality top- gorgeous!!!
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    NGD: VOS Mark Knopfler #107

    amazing and beautiful- definately not Mark's guitar but amazing
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    NGD: 2016 True Corksniffer HS 8 Double Dirty Lemon

    lemon goodness- congrats
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    2011 R8 Plain Top Washed Cherry Burst

    R8 even without COA and case candy as long as it's real it is an instant buy
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    NGD Mike McCready 1959 Aged

    Unreal- looks like a real vintage one.......lovely...stunning HNGD!

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